Police Officer Arrested For Raping Male Detainees At Kalundu Police Post





…Constable Muntanga sodomises 3 suspects held in detention at Kalundu Police Post…

Incidence occurred on 28/05/2023 between 20:30 hours and 23:00 hours at Kalundu Police Post.. Reported on 31/05/2023 at 11:30 hours by D/Insp. Kasongo to the effect that three males suspects in detention reported to have been sodomized by a police officer identified as Const. Muntanga removed them from custody on the material date and forced them under gunpoint to engage in carnal knowledge against the order of nature.

Brief facts are that on the 28/05/2023 at 18:00 hours, the officer in question took over the night shift alone and at about 19:00 hours whilst with a firearm, he went to the cells and got one suspect by the names of M/Tinashe Banda who was facing the offence of conduct likely to cause the breach of the peace and was not taken back in custody. He was released on Severely Warned. At about 20:30 hours, the same officer went back to the cell and removed another suspect by the names of M/Aubrey Chilufya aged 34 of unknown house number Ngombe kasisi facing the offence of Theft, leaving the cell unlocked. He took the suspect to the CID office and handcuffed him.

At gunpoint, he undressed the suspect by pulling down the trousers and started applying Vaseline on the penis. He then started demanded that the suspect inserts his penis into his anus after he also pulled down his uniform trousers on the promise of releasing him, failure to which he would shoot him with the gun, but the suspect still refused. The suspect was then taken back to the cell and the officer got another suspect by the names of M/Luka Banda aged 38 of unknown house number Lilanda compound facing the offense of Theft.

The suspect was also taken to the office where the same promise and threats were given at gunpoint and this time the suspect was made to penetrate the officer until he released sperms in the anus of the officer. After that he was promised to be released the following day in the morning.

From there, the officer got another suspect by the names of M/Geoffrey Kaluba aged 28 of house number 105/00 Garden chilulu who was facing the offense of Theft and took him to the same office. In there, also at gunpoint, he undressed the suspect whom he had handcuffed and penetrated the anus using his penis. During this act, the suspect managed to shout and pushed the officer away. That is how he was later taken back in cells. In the morning on the 29/05/2023, the matter was then reported to the shift personnel who later informed D/Insp. Kasongo.

Inquiry File opened. Statements recorded and medical report forms issued. Suspects to be taken to the hospital for medication,and we have launched a man hunt for the officer.More to follow.

SOURCE: Grindstone TV


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