Democratic Party (DP) President Harry Kalaba has said things have not been moving well under the New Dawn government because President Hakainde Hichilema lacks the experience to run government business.

“Things have not been moving well because it is a one-man show and it is job training for him (President Hakainde Hichilema). This is when he is learning a lot of things. It is only true and I have said this without malice. It is the first time he is working in government. He might have done some privatisation as a consultant in the 1990s but being part of the executive this is the first time the president is doing it. So yes it is a job on training and there is no malice in that. I have never been a president as well but I have a lot of governance knowledge because you need to know how the government operates even as you assume the office of the president then you are going to know where to start from,” Mr Kalaba said.

He continued: ”So when people say it is a job on training it is not because the president is going in the office of president for the first time he is going in government for the first time. I said earlier, that the president is only getting to understand what he was saying before he got elected and now are two different things because he didn’t understand that there was a yellow book which tells you that there is a budget. He didn’t understand that now he is beginning to understand that. Is there any malice in that? The president must learn to understand that the cabinet office, especially the secretary to the cabinet, is the person that should be close to him because he is the one that will tell him how the government operates, how it should operate but typical of the president it’s a know it all attitude.”

“Yesterday (Monday) he said he is coming here. He is coming on Hot FM and we hope you will take good care of that gesture which the president made. These are some of the issues which you should ask him; to say you said all these promises that you did. Why didn’t you fulfil them?” Mr Kalaba added.

Meanwhile, Mr Kalaba has observed Zambia is losing huge sums of money from the mines over the alleged failure to religiously monitor the quantity and type of minerals mining firms were exporting.

Mr Kalaba said currently there is no system in government that thoroughly counter-checks the quantity and type of minerals mining firms were exporting.

There is a wide belief that mining firms have been under-declaring their exports or profits made from mining in the country.

Other reports suggest that mining firms especially in the North-Western Province have been mining and exporting gold, diamonds and cobalt in the name of mining copper.

Featuring on a Hot FM radio show, Mr Kalaba said there is a need to set up a body that would strictly monitor the activities of mining companies in a bid to improve Zambia’s benefits from its mineral resources.

“How would Harry Kabala have done it? For me, I would have done it very differently. I would have insisted on creating a body that was going to deal with the mines because right now the amount of money we are losing as a country as a result of that financial seepage in the mines is huge. It is huge. I would have said why is it that KCM (Konkola Copper Mines) or why is it that Mopani, Lumwana, and Kansanshi will export our minerals without any government official counterchecking? They will just give us reports that this is what we have exported. Ninshi twabasuminishisha to be doing that? Just why? Cibeleshi that is not right. Why have we allowed such kind of behaviour? Why?” Mr. Kalaba said.

“For me I would say first of all there will be nothing like giving you tax holidays now we want to see the exact exports that you are doing. That is why a body called MEMACO ilya iyaliko mu UNIP is very important because there was no ore that was being exported without them certifying that this is the exact quantum, this is the exact ore we are exporting because today they can tell you we are exporting copper when they are exporting cobalt. They can tell you they are exporting cobalt when they are exporting emerald. They can tell you they are exporting manganese when they are exporting gold or diamond. We have let it loose and yet we are going to borrow money from the IMF. We are going to borrow those monies when we can just put our foot down,” Mr. Kalaba said.


    • Mr. Harry Kalaba overrates himself. But people know him to be just an empty tin making noise which is mostly irritating. Someone asked him to shows us a college where people graduate as republican presidents, and I throw the same question.
      Our great KK was never even a ward councillor. Our great FTJ was only a trade union leader. Our great LPM was only a lawyer. Our great RB was only a minister and diplomat. Our great MCS was only a minister. Our own ECL was only a minister.
      None of these named ever went to train as president. They all learned on the job. It all depends on the caliber of the individual. Some of the named persons performed extremely well, while others messed up big time.
      So HH is doing extremely well against all odds. The mess HH is fixing was caused by Harry Kalaba and his friends. Kalaba cannot fool anybody just because he ditched PF. He was part of the team that messed up the nation. So Mr. Kalaba should shut the hell up!!!

  1. Yes that’s what you should do when you become president Kaya niliti . So how is the court case going nabena Judith? You have failed to run a small party how can you run a country. Tionela Kuma small things, if you can’t run them , forget.

  2. Is there a college for presidents anywhere in this world? If there is, did any of the former presidents attend that college?

  3. Suddenly all the failures in leadership.have experience except HH.
    Laughable ba Kalaba. You are failing to grow even your small party to form a credible opposition

  4. This Chap is not as Sharp as he talks. He is a product of nepotism. For those who don’t know, his father Simon Kalaba was a Monster in the KK government who made sure before he retired he organised a job for the boy in the Civil Service as you may know during the Kaunda days you needed connections to get a job in the government. I am not certain if he holds any higher qualifications. He can’t compare himself to HH. Even his appointment as a Minister by Sata was done on the same basis. Sata worked with his father in the KK government. He can’t claim to be a self made man. BA leyoko. Lungu dropped the leadership bar such that even people who can not run a phone booth want to become Presidents.

  5. Ba Sikamba bali nuu ati legalize growing of Cannabis, nabena ba Kalaba ni sangwapo ati legalize brewing of Kachasu, eeish!!!

  6. What is this supposed to mean. So how is exoerience gained , is it not on the job. Not even you has the experience in that office.

    When you were foriegn Minister you gained some experence in that area only not the pesidency.

    Be infoemed that all the Presidents we have had were all inexperienced and had to learn on the job. Being appointed as a minister and being voted in as a republician president are two different things.

    Let me here some more wise words from you.


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