5th August 2022

The embattled boss of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Ms Mary Chirwa aka Mary Banana, recently embroiled in a series of viral hard-core pornographic videos shall not be punished or censured by President Hakainde Hichilema says Thabo Kawana, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Information in a radio interview.

Kawana sparked a bitter debate Friday when asked pointedly by Radio Phoenix interviewer Chimweka Chileshe what government would do regarding the alleged indiscretion Ms Chirwa in the pornographic videos that has kept Zambian tongues wagging for more than a week now given her position as a law enforcer.

“You want my position on that (porn) the government position is that she (Chirwa) is not going anywhere,” Kawana arrogantly told Chileshe, “lots of people especially in PF (Patriotic Front) want her fired. The position is that we have heard you but she (Mary) is not going to be fired.”

Ever since a series of pornographic videos featuring a naked woman with a striking resemblance of Ms Chirwa surfaced on social media, calls for her to resign have reached a crescendo with government staying silent until today´s bombshell interview and subsequent revelation that has shocked many.

Kawana who arrogantly dodged and ducked questions from a tenacious Chileshe suggested that the person that must be punished instead of Chirwa is the person that filmed and distributed the dirty video.
He expressed ignorance of the existence of the video.

But the interviewer kept his cool, even under open intimidation and arrogance from Kawana saying the DEC Chirwa heads is responsible for among other things ´policing´ pornography so therefore how can she be entrusted with the duty to police pornography when she is a star in a series of porn videos.

In the past, social media personality Iris Kaingu went to court and later jail for being in the exact same position as Chirwa now aka Mary Banana.

President Edgar Lungu during his tenure took less than 12 hours to sack then Education Minister David Mabumba, accidentally caught in a position similar to Mary Banana.

The police on the other hand have not moved an inch to arrest or prove the identity of the woman in the video believed to be Ms Chirwa.
Observers state that in her current form, Chirwa has no moral right to remain the office of the head of DEC given the obscene material linked to her. This is a developing story.

Ostensibly, the civil society that was overly vocal under President Edgar Lungu have remained silent, including the diplomatic community.

SOURCE: Radio Phoenix, Let the People Talk.


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