Rapper Drill receives 27-year sentence over lyrics that shows he killed a teenager

Ryan Maqsood was jailed for attempted murder

A rapper who makes music about violence was sent to prison for 27 years because his song lyrics had information that only one of the attackers could have known.

A chilling video caught seven attackers riding bicycles in Farringdon, north London, on April 15, 2019. They were looking for their rivals. After some time, two people were observed removing their outer layers and running after the 16-year-old person. The attackers used sharp knives similar to the ones used in the movie “Rambo” and stabbed the victim 19 times. They then left the victim believing they were dead.

Investigators discovered a backpack hidden in some bushes close by. The backpack had DNA that belongs to Ryan Maqsood, who is 26 years old. The sample he provided is the same as the one taken from a knife.

As part of the investigation, they also studied the drill songs written and performed by Maqsood using his stage name ‘Rashy’.

The person who did the crime was found guilty of trying to kill someone, even though the person who got hurt didn’t want to participate in the trial. The person who did the crime didn’t have a permanent place to live. The person who got hurt had injuries on their face, chest, and legs and was young.

Judge Anthony Leonard KC sentenced him to 27 years in prison at the Old Bailey.

Detective Sergeant Katy Phipps, who was in charge of the investigation, said: “The teenager is very fortunate that his injuries did not cause his death. ”
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The evidence we found during the investigation convinced the jury that he was guilty, even though the victim did not want to help the police.

‘The drill music we found on Maqsood’s phone had very precise information that suggests only someone who was present during the incident could have known it. ‘

A guy got sentenced to 27 years in jail because the lyrics he wrote in his songs helped prove he tried to kill someone. Ryan Maqsood, a 26-year-old man from Liverpool Road, N1, was found guilty of trying to kill someone and having a sharp weapon. He appeared in court at the Old Bailey on Wednesday, 16 August.

He proudly talked about an assault on a person in a song. He said he wanted to hurt their lungs, intestines, and kidneys, and send them to Sydney.

Do not attempt to jump on cars. Take care of your legs and chest, my friend. Shave your head like Britney Spears.

The last time I got into a fight with Bourne bro, I badly hurt his face by cutting it like a pumpkin.

‘Now the little man must cover his face because he looks untidy. I’m being honest. ‘

A specialist officer who knows a lot about drill music helped the jury understand the lyrics by giving expert evidence in court.

The jury also received expert information about local gangs to better understand the situation.

Proof showed that the stabbing happened because of a fight between groups of gangs in Islington.


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