Rwandan migration bill violates certain human rights laws – Lawyer


A new law will allow the government to move forward with its Rwanda policy by letting ministers ignore certain human rights laws.

The Home Office said the bill, which will be introduced to Parliament on Thursday, states in UK law that Rwanda is a safe country for asylum seekers.

The new agreement was signed by Home Secretary James Cleverly with a country in East Africa.

The treaty and bill aim to tackle the issues raised by the Supreme Court.

The top court in the UK said it was not allowed to send some people seeking asylum to Rwanda.

In April 2022, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a plan to stop people from crossing the Channel in small boats.

Legal issues have caused delays, so no one seeking asylum has been sent to Rwanda from the UK.

The bill needs to be approved by Parliament and it removes certain parts of the Human Rights Act.

However, it doesn’t go as far as some Conservative MPs on the party’s right would have wanted.

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman and her supporters wanted to get rid of the Human Rights Act and other international laws.

Someone who knows Mrs. Braverman well said the bill has serious problems and will be stuck in the courts for a long time.

“The prime minister has allowed all illegal migrants to make human rights claims if they are being sent back, and they can appeal if their claims are denied,” according to the source.

“It’s another letdown for the Tory voters and the normal patriotic people who want to stop this madness. ”

The new law admits that it might not follow basic human rights rules.

Laws don’t usually come before members of parliament with a legal warning.

This is the second time this year that the government has asked Parliament to vote on laws that might not be legal – the first time was with the Illegal Migration Act.

Lawyers have warned government officials that the new laws in Rwanda could be challenged in court and might not be compatible with human rights obligations.

Rwanda’s foreign minister, Vincent Biruta, said that the country cannot continue with the plan unless the UK behaves according to the law.

He said: “Rwanda and the UK both think it’s really important that our partnership follows international law and requires both countries to act in a lawful way. ”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that with the new emergency law, we will be able to control who comes into our country, stop people from making dangerous trips across the channel, and reduce the number of lawsuits in our courts.


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