South African artists call for support for Mapaputsi after reports of ill health

South African kwaito music legend Mapaputsi during an interview with Kaya 959 (Picture via YouTube - Kaya 959)

South African kwaito music legend Mapaputsi is reportedly now bedridden due to ill-health, with industry colleagues expressing concerns as they claim they have been failing to reach him due to his parents preferring to keep his sickness private.

Mapaputsi has been acknowledged as one of the most vocal and proactive artists when it comes to the health and well-being of other musicians, as the kwaito star has always been the first to hold hands in solidarity when another performer is suffering from ill health.

However, according to TshisaLIVE, a friend close to the musician claimed that no one seemed eager to return the favour now that the situations had been reversed.

“When other artists weren’t in good condition [Mapaputsi] was the first person with words of encouragement and support, but today, it is him and people are dragging their feet,” said the source.

An artiste who spoke on condition of anonymity said they had been struggling to get access to the musician. It is understood that the musician is in the care of his elderly parents, with his mother wheelchair-bound.

“We, as artists, want to show support for Mapaputsi and his family. However, we understood his family is protecting his privacy,” he said.

Trompies member Jarius said he was largely in the dark about the musician’s condition, as some of his calls were not answered.

“Other times I would be left wondering what was going on. I wasn’t aware he wasn’t well. The last time I spoke to him was a few weeks ago but at the moment I can’t get through to him,” Jarius said.

Former TKZee Family member Sbu “AmaLawyer” Ntshangase said he would visit Mapaputsi when his family eventually allowed it.

“I’ve tried many times to visit him but due to my busy schedule I couldn’t make it. I decided to wait for the family to allow us to visit him.

“I need to respect his family’s wishes, but we need to support him in this time of need. If there are events or benefit concerts for him I’m up for it,” Ntshangase said.

Mapaputsi’s former manager Busi Kunene told TshisaLIVE that he was concerned about the musician’s parents.

“My biggest concern is not about [Mapaputsi] — our concern is his parents because they are pensioners, so people who need to benefit from this are his parents.

“We need to speak to the family about the potential of the benefit concert so his parents and children


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