Thabo Kawana
Thabo Kawana


Okay ba ZNBC nangu ta pa soswa, this is too much.

Yesterday we lost our beloved Kabwata MP in bizarre circumstances and especially that he was recently rumored dead when in fact not, the whole country was glued waiting to get official news from ZNBC.

But what do they do? They (ZNBC) run the news item as third story. Starting with President HH the first two items and continuing with President HH after the third item which was the funeral when it should have made first story and in full detail.

President HH was clear at his first presser that you (ZNBC) now have editorial independence and that you must endeavor to cover all including the opposition in keeping with your position as a National broadcaster. Even your News viewership grew tremendously as pipo began to enjoy your News content.

But of late, your viewership has dropped again. Why? Because you have started your PF manners again of making the news about the President and Vice From 19:00hrs to 19:20. Twenty minutes of just showing the President and his Vice the same way you behaved in PF.

You are giving viewers a wrong impression as tho you are bn told to do so when in fact, not. It’s just the same tu chawa you wr showing to PF that you now want to continue showing to Upnd and it’s Alliance Partners.

Please, balance your News content and show the Nation what is going on elsewhere in the country and not just the President and his Vice. I can confidently tell you that it is not impressing the Boss at all if you think by doing so you are impressing him.

For him, it’s more about the pipo than himself and so stop tu chawa. We really need a serious shake up and mindset change over there because this is becoming too much and boring again now. It has to stop before you get pipo ku yamba ku tinka ba President.

Ours is to serve the pipo and listen to the pipo and not serve ourselves and listen to ourselves, stop doing us favors we have not asked you to.

ZNBC is for all Zambians and not just us. Mu leke tu chawa.

Aikona man!


  1. Ba kawana Kashi mwalikwata amano yabutungulushi. Now you see that pf was not controlling znbc, it is znbc staff and their unprofessional conduct. But we also know that they are damn scared that they may be fired or dismissed. We are at the time of people losing their jobs on ground if being pf or associated with pf. So loading the viewership with HH poisoned news may save someone’s job.


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