The PF “power vaccum” at the very top of its echelons is definitely inviting the chaos that is unfolding- Chanoda Ngwira

Chanoda Ngwira
Chanoda Ngwira


By Chanoda Ngwira

The PF “power vaccum” at the very top of its echelons is definitely inviting the chaos that is unfolding.

The infantile violent protestations from the visibly deranged Miles Sampa is made possible by the vaccum that he senses at the top of the party.

If the PF was well-organised and properly staffed as per the provisions of its own Constitution, would Miles and his hired thugs be challenging the top leadership in the manner he is doing?

Secondly, that a power vaccum is evident, is shown by the sheepish reaction of the party to the monumental indiscipline by Miles.

And truth be told, the sheer criminality he demonstrated in broad daylight should have earned an expulsion not in the future but that very day.

The breaking of the security gate and furniture and the lighting of a huge inferno at the PF head office, some six short metres away from the perilously dangerous inflamble substances, is a prima facie evidence of the unforgivable misconduct and criminality by Miles.

How did the party leadership react?

They reported the man to the same police establishment that was watching Miles Sampa and at a distance as he ransacked and violated the PF premises. Does it take one to be a political scientist to lnow that probably, just probably, the very Police could have been aware?

And as we speak, Miles is still a full, blue-blooded member of the PF, or should we say the “former” PF.

This is not a party of Micheal Sata anymore, this is a pale shadow of the disciplined revolutionary, compassionate, pro-poor movement he founded and led to government just 13 short years ago.

A step backwards into Sata’s MMD as National Secretary, no one can misbehave this far and last one day longer.

We all can see Miles Sampa stoking the firewood, literally, pouring kerosene on it and personally driving the entire criminality at the party secretariat.

But the vacuum-filled PF cental commitee is waiting for police action on Miles!

Cry, My Beloved PF.

What really is the problem going to renew its compliments with the masses by electing a new leader and present itself as a rebounded party? If, as it appears, ECL alebwelelapo, why not make it clear than continue to monkey tricks with its followers and the citizens in general?

It is this power vaccum at the top of the party that is feeding this chaos.

How is it the PF can’t see that it is awkward to have an acting president when the substantive office holder is around and well; how can the party have an endless nomination process for the presidency?

The glue that held the PF together is no longer holding. In opposition, this mass movement should be more deliberate than this!


  1. Mr. Ngwira is right. This power vacuum is playing havoc with PF members. Iam, not a PF sympathiser but I know we need a strong opposition and PF in its current state does not meet the standard.

    If Mr. Lungu wants to come out of retirement to lead PF, he should come clean and stop playing hide and seek.

    The sooner PF hold their convention, the better. If they want Mr. Lungu version 2.0, so be it.


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