Peter Sinkamba
Peter Sinkamba

By Peter Sinkamba


A number of by-elections have been held countrywide since August. Let me hasten to congratulate UPND and PF for winning some of them.

However, I have two key issues of concern to highlight. First, it is the resurfacing ugly face of electoral violence. Second, it is the issue of Kwacha and Kabushi by-elections.

On the issue of political violence, it is extremely disgusting that after a sigh of relief that political violence was on the verge of oblivion following the triumph of UPND in the 2021 General emElections, violence has resurfaced once more. What is quite disturbing is that President HH has said nothing about it, except to congratulate UPND for resounding victories.

My view is that electoral victory is immaterial if blood is spilt or any one of our fellow citizens are injured or maimed as a consequence of electoral violence.

My long standing view is that no drop of blood of our fellow is worth spilling for political expediency. I strongly believe that for our democracy to flourish and thrive, it must be devoid of political violence. For, violence breeds more violence and the net outcome civil strife. Our beloved country risks losing the cherished democracy our forefathers sacrificed to bring about if political violence is not curtailed firmly.

As can be noted from events in the Sahel region, political violence has been the harbinger for the growing trend of military coups. Last month’s coup d’etat in Burkina Faso, was the seventh in 26 months around the Sahel region. The visible cause of the trend is toxic governance. This has led to wider violence, human displacement and destabilization.

Having witnessed three attempted coups in Zambia in the 1980s and 1990s, and mindful of military-induced instabilities in our neighbouring north, I shudders to see our beautiful country degenerate to such chaos and untold human suffering.

I therefore implore the President to earnestly address this issue comprehensively when he comes back from attending COP 27 in Egypt. He really needs to be on top of things in this regard.

On Kwacha and Kabushi elections, let me mention that Isaac Mwanza and I are appearing before the Concourt over the same, having sued ECZ for breach of the Constitution. It is contempt of court to discuss matters that are before court. Perhaps, the only update I can safely share at this point is that we will be having a status conference before Honorable Justice Professor Margaret Munalula, Deputy Judge President of Concourt on 17th November.

Now that I am back to posting, I will keep you my followers in the loop on the issue.



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