….we are just waiting for 2026

Lusaka………Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 [SMART EAGLES].

Newly Appointed Patriotic Front Secretary General Raphael Nakacinda says President Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND must fall in 2026 citing failure to Govern the Country.

Hon Nakacinda said the Zambian people have placed a demand on the PF to unseat the current regime in 2026 because the UPND is a failed project.

He said this will call for collective work among PF Members in order to redeem the citizens from what he termed as Bad Governance.

Hon Nakacinda was speaking when he delivered his maiden speech as PF Secretary General.

He said he will never respond to those who criticise him as doing so is lowering oneself to petty politics .

Hon Nakacinda has since promised to execute his work firmly but in a fair manner.

“What we are involved in is not child’s play this is serious business. We will answer those that are in doubt, not by engaging them but by our works. With this support, we owe you hard work and victory in 2026. I can only promise you that our enemy that is known must fall. The UPND and Hakainde Hichilema must fall. We will allow divergent views in our party, we have a task to win in 2026,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hon Nakacinda has called for unity among members of the PF.

He said number one issue is to ensure that discipline is maintained in the party.

He has however reminded the UPND that the PF’s discipline must not be taken for granted.

Hon Nakacinda has also responded to those saying that he was from MMD and should not be SG.

“There are people arguing that Nakacinda is from MMD, you have missed the point. Those who want to criticise us because of our journey in MMD. You have missed the point. When you say you are from MMD, you are just exposing the fact that we have credentials, we are coming from somewhere and we are going somewhere….,” he said.

With the Alebwelelapo vibe rocking the country , the PF SG has clarified that the phrase does not mean an individual but the party bouncing back as per the wish of the Zambian people.

“Some of the people are saying Nakacinda is talking about Alebwelelapo agenda, nibena Zambia abalelanda, Alebwelelapo is not an individual but Patriotic Front,” he said.

Hon Nakacinda has also weighed in on desperate attempts to intimidate the opposition leaders who gave an interview to a Zimbabwean Journalist.

“when in opposition, President HH went round the country, talking about the Government even in other countries. But for us, we just talk to a journalist from Zimbabwe, they are now becoming agitated…….Just come to the political arena we do a level playing field….,” he said.


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