……your brother’s life is at stake, says Hon Nakacinda after a break in at ECL’s residence

Lusaka…. Tuesday, August 9, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

The opposition Patriotic Front has blamed the break in at former president Edgar Lungu’s residence on the New Dawn Administration.

Addressing the media today, PF National Chairperson for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakacinda said the breaking in is unique as it is the first time in the history of the country the house of the former Head of State has been broken into.

Hon Nakacinda believes that the move was well-orchestrated “possibly” under the supervision of a professional entity.

“What has happened today is unique. It’s unique in a sense that this is the first time in the history of this country and it’s unheard of globally to have a house of a former Head of State broken into suggesting that thieves broken into,” he said.

“We have every reason to believe that this is a well-orchestrated professional way, possibly under the supervision of professional entity and it’s an indictment on or against those that are in authority, in charge of security.”

The MCC narrated to the media what exactly transpired regarding the incident in question.

“Yesterday, last night we received a report that conveniently ZESCO switched off power around 01:00. Neighbors here can attest to that in fact. What followed was the cutting to the power supply to the facility and the security wire that has been put in place,” he said.

“Now before we can give details to what has transpired from last night, I think it’s important to remind the Zambian people that the former Head of State is entitled by law to a certain outfit of security. But to have police officers withdrawn and only leaving two officers to look after him in a facility of this nature is reckless.”

Hon Nakacinda said President Hakainde Hichilema must be ashamed that under his watch, his predecessor is having people break into his house.

“They withdrew officers, the next thing they followed the Zambian aware of is that his ADC Aid Camp, responsible for his security was not only arrested on trumped up charges but also disarmed. Meaning that basically, putting the life of the former Head of State at risk,” he said.

“What has happened today can only be an indictment against President Hakainde Hichilema himself, Hon Jack Mwiimbu himself, the IG of the police because this is not only an embarrassment but reckless and should not have happened. How is that ZESCO conveniently at a time power went thieves came? Who coordinated that arrangement? Further, how is it that they knew the vulnerable area to access the house?”

He wondered why president Lungu, being a former Head of State is vulnerable.

Hon Nakacinda also wondered what kind of government UPND is as he accused it of putting that life of president Lungu and his family at risk.

He said president Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been magnanimous enough to give President Hakainde Hichilema space to govern.

“Mr Hakainde Hichilema here, you must take personal responsibility. Your brother’s life is at stake and you are the number one citizen. He is the one that handed over power to you. Take responsibility,” he said.


  1. Lungu was the thief of his house, he needs to practice what he preached, once a thief always a thief.
    My theory, lungu pretended to go to SA, only to come and steal the two TV’s from his house and claim insurance and sympathy

  2. We should know the people we are dealing with. How come no one heard any noise? No one was injured at all and nothing else was stolen apart from the two tvs. There are three possibilities. 1. It could be some people from outside, 2. It could be an inside job eg. a worker or maid. 3. It could be something planned to embarrass the government. These people can do anything, we need to
    read between lines. Let these happen but the fight against corruption must
    continue. Ofcourse this has never happened but also the corruption/lawlessness that occurred in the last 10 years was unpresented.

  3. This is a carefully calculated conspiracy. It’s a lie.PF is known for such maneuvers. It created gassing episodes and murdering of Zambian citizens using the police. With this alarm the PF have an agenda

  4. Detain Nakachinda for investigations. He seems to have a lot of information which can lead to his accomplices’ arrest. How does a break-in Lusaka endanger the life of someone in Johhanesburg? Nakachinda logic.

  5. This story is very perfect . It seems Nakachinda planned everything so that he can talk about bally. You see bally is more prominent in this story meaning Nakachinda has an agenda. They stole tvs, only? Is Edgar lungu that poor to have no security when lusambo has 16 cameras at his house? There is something fishy here. Nakachinda should be summoned to give further information cz it seems he knows too much.

  6. Kindly allow me to add my voice to this very sensitive matter of theft at the house of the sixth president of Zambia. My simple analysis here is that:-
    (1) There is a number of investigation being done by state institutions against the former.
    (2) There was rumor that the wife of Mr. Chagwa Lungu Esther Nyawa Edgar applied for asylum through Canadian Embassy something which both PF song writer and singers have failed to dispute.
    (3) The duo are now faking the theft story to show the world that they are no longer safe to live in Zambia and qualify for asylum details
    (4) The plan by the PF is evil against the incumbent President. They faked about HH and the Top UPND officials of abduction towards August and assigned Edith Nawakwi to push the allegation as if the matter was real yet it was a move planned by top PF officials.
    (5) This is just another hornswoggle plan to sneak criminal cases piling the courts. ECL want to establish the grounds to justify the stay outside Zambia dogging court cases. He knows very well that from his wife the next person will be him.
    PF officials are crooks and they will forever be the same and changing for better is very difficult.
    (6) The theft is and was well planned by PF crooks, who can steal Samsung TVs? If the PF said suitcases of documents have been stolen yes that one can make sense than TV sets. PF must learn to be factual in their dealing. For how long will PF show change in their characters?


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