Trump mimics Biden’s stuttering over anniversary of January 6


Former President Donald Trump didn’t talk about the third anniversary of the January 6 Capitol riot and made fun of President Joe Biden, who had called him a ‘loser’ in a speech earlier that day.

Trump had an event in Sioux Center, Iowa, on Friday. A few hours later, Biden gave a speech in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, criticizing his predecessor for his part in the deadly insurrection.

Trump spoke for almost two hours, saying the words ‘insurrection’ and ‘J6’, but he did not talk about the anniversary directly on Saturday.

Trump criticized Biden, saying that he stumbled over his words when he tried to call him a danger to democracy in Pennsylvania.

“Did you watch him. He was having trouble speaking the whole time. ” “He’s a danger to democracy. They are using the government as a weapon. ” “He’s a danger to democracy,” exclaimed Trump.

He said Biden can’t read or say ‘democracy’ and then he imitated the president, which got a reaction from his fans.

Trump copied Biden by pretending to have trouble finding the way out after a speech, and saying ‘he can’t walk off the stage’.

Besides not talking about the third anniversary of January 6, Trump only briefly mentioned related issues. Trump said his enemies are accusing him of causing a rebellion, he believes the crowd at the J6 event was the largest, and he thinks that no one in history has been treated as badly as the people who were arrested for the rebellion.

Trump talked mostly about his enemies and told his supporters to vote for him in the Iowa Caucus on January 15 during his rally.

In a brief speech in the afternoon, Biden strongly criticized Trump and compared his own campaign to General George Washington leading troops to win in the Revolutionary War.

Biden said Trump wants to attack democracy now and in the future.

Biden said that the first rally for the 2024 campaign had started with a group of people who were involved in the January 6 riot singing from prison on a phone, while videos of the riot played on a big screen behind him.


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