Two Lusaka men fight for one woman

A LEGAL battle for a mellow-voiced, curvaceous and light-skinned woman has broken out between two men of Lusaka who are both claiming to be her partner.

The Lusaka Boma Local Court is hosting the legal contest pitting 30-year old Samson Chanda of SOS area and Aaron Namasiku aged 25 of Zani Muone Township.

The trophy of the rare contest is 26-year old soft-spoken Sonet Mwanga of Lusaka’s Matero Township.

According to Chanda, he was the controlling shareholder in Mwanga as the two were married and had a child together but went on separation after some marital disputes.

Chanda said as he prepared to sweet talk Mwanga back home, he was shocked to learn that Namasiku was not just sleeping with his wife but also renting her a house and providing for his child.

Now Chanda wanted the court to order Namasiku to compensate him for committing adultery with his wife.

“I found out that Namasiku has been calling my wife and taken responsibility for my child. He pays for her rentals and buys some needs for my child. I have tried to talk to him but he has persisted to remain in my wife’s life,” Chanda narrated.

But Namasiku insisted that as far as he was concerned, Mwanga was a single woman when they met and that his relationship with her could not be deemed adulterous.

“All I know is that she has a child aged two years who I have been supporting. Her mother and sister told me that there was no marriage arrangement between Chanda and my girlfriend,” Namasiku said.

Namasiku said he was even making arrangements to marry Mwanga because she was currently pregnant for him.

When called upon to testify, Mwanga, who was at the centre of the chaos, said she had never been married to Chanda saying she only cohabited with him after a session of unprotected fornication session resulted in her pregnancy.

Mwanga said she left Chand’s home after getting fed up of his heavy drinking and late night return to home.

Further, Mwanga explained that it’s after leaving Chanda that she met Namasiku and the two became a thing.

After the testimonies, senior local court Magistrate Contrudah Kamono adjourned the matter and asked Chanda to bring evidence to prove that he was really married to Mwanga.

By Mwiche Nalwimba



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