Chishala kateka


The opposition New Heritage Party has noted with concern the confusion caused by the conflicting statements being issued by Government officials surrounding this year’s FISP program.

New Heritage Party President Chishala Kateka tells Byta FM News that sadly Government is trying to “spin” the confusion as a side effect of the fight against corruption.

Kateka says it was the same with the health sector where ‘the fight against corruption’ has been given as the reason that there is no medicine in hospitals.

The opposition leader says already UPND government is turning out to be the most corrupt and incompetent in the country’s history especially with hunger being at the center stage for the already suffering masses.

She has alleged that the amateur UPND government has failed at first attempt to administer the important affairs of country.

Kateka says the UPND’s stay in government so far has been characterized by failure to processes the purchasing and supplying of medicines for the hospitals, and failure to provide adequate fertilizer and other farming inputs on time.

The opposition leader shares that this is largely due to massive corruption and nepotism in the so called New Dawn administration.


  1. Are you also competing with Saboi and Nawakwi in lowering the dignity of women so called politicians? Be warned, you might get bruised. Choose the civil language for your checks and balances or else.

  2. Ba Chishala khalakoni serious. Are you so desperate to be relevant, without any MPs in parliament, that you are now also ranting aimlessly? Can you provide evidence of this govt being the ” most corrupt in the history of this country”? Are you just missing your early morning jogging with ECL? At least you are not using insulting language nor personalising your attacks. But please retain your integrity and Christian values by practicing civil politics not talking anyhow.

  3. It’s so sad to see how small scale farmers are sharing fertilizer. So sad to see how how people are written prescription in hospitals when huge sums of money is directed towards health. Look at how sms are subjected harsh condition to apply for funds. President HH has to fire these three minsters. Minster of health, minster agriculture and minster of local government they have failed to deliver. Zambia is bigger than these minsters.

  4. Politics of joining Choir singing are not good. For those us that know the truth challenges in agriculture input supply are not caused by UPND and the New Dawn administration. They are caused by the abolotion of the system that UNIP had put in place, the poor establishment of FRA and corruption at the end of the day. Fixing these problems can not be without difficulties or done overnight.

  5. Ba mama Kateka, please do not join the band of misguided critics. I would like to believe you are a Christian and as such, I expect you to tell nothing but the truth.

    Are you sure UPND have outdone the PF in corruption in the one year they have been in office? Can you provide objective evidence of your assertion that “UPND is turning out to be the most corrupt and incompetent in the country’s history?

    What compares with the US$1m each fire tender scandal, overpriced ambulances, the gulf stream presidential jet bought at a staggering US$193m, Mukula scandal? The list is endless!

    For the sake of the body of Christ, please maintain your integrity.


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