Yes you MUST apologize – Kawambwa MP
….as he reminds the New Dawn government of its failed promises…..
Kawambwa Member of Parliament Hon. Nickson Chilangwa has emphasized the need for the New Dawn government to apologize to the Zambian people for the unfulfilled promises.

Speaking this morning when he took the entire right wing to task, Hon Chilangwa responded to the Vice President’s answer to Nakonde MP that the UPND will not apologize and for what? He stated that yes the New Dawn government must apologize to the Zambian people for failed promises.

The unfazed, Kawambwa lawmaker debunked some of promises made prior to the August 12 general election by the New Dawn government.

“The Vice President you said why must you apologize Yes you must apologize to the Zambian people for

  • unfulfilled promises
  • betrayed hopes
  • underperforming cabinet who are not here when we want them
  • bad economy”

  • He said on the ground things are hard for the people of Zambia as the cost of living is becoming expensive by the day.
    Hon. Chilangwa further equated the on going situation in the New Dawn to a book written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen titled “The Emperor’s New Clothes that talks about
    an emperor who gets exposed before his subjects.

  • The book is widely used as an idiom, whose phrase refers to a situation where “no one believes, but everyone believes that everyone else believes. Or alternatively, everyone is ignorant to whether the emperor has clothes on or not, but believes that everyone else is not ignorant.”


  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at such thinking. UPND government has 5 years and they have not even done a year but these guys who failed lamentably for 10 years want their colleagues do it in less than a year. If anything, PF inherited a strong economy hence it was much easier to fulfill their promises but since they were clueless they ended up destroying it unlike UPND which inherited a broken economy.
    In fact, it should be PF to apologize for destroying our economy. Besides, if UPND fulfilled all the promises in a year, what are they going to be doing in the remaining 4 years?

  2. Unrepentant chilangwa. Go for convention so that your failed leadership can be removed. What a useless statement.

  3. After 10 years of destroying the strong economy you inherited from MMD you haven’t apologized but you want UPND to apologize in less than a year, what kind of people are you ba PF? Are you being fair or reasonable?

  4. People bring problems on themselves. How can a PF MP demand an apology grom the New Dawn Government. Then what shall we demand from PF for looting the treasury. looting money from Government by constructing roads whose costs were inflated so that they could share the excess monies. Looting councils from by collecting revenue from markets and bus stops. We also demand a firing squad for PF Ministers and cadres.

  5. My brother Chisha is right. That is why for any change to succeed you need to purge and completely do away with officials of the former regime.

  6. It is so shameful how some dogs have the audacity, the termerity, the guts and the effrontery to call on the 10 months old government to apologize for non-existent failure when the same dogs failed lamentably to put money in people’s pockets and only succeeded in producing thieves, gassers, looters and plunderers in 7 years period. Bakolwe balekwatako insoni.


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