UTH still treating ‘killer mother’ after attempted suicide

MAEKA Musowe, the 22-year old woman of Lusaka accused of killing her son a fortnight ago has been admitted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) after a failed suicide attempt.

Maeka was initially treated and discharged from UTH on Tuesday for mild poisoning after she crushed mosquito coil, mixed it with water and drunk it in an attempt to end her life.

According to Police sources, since her arrest on August 13, Maeka had been a solo tenant in the female detention cell of Kabwata Police Station.

She was however moved to Richard Kachingwe Police Station after officers at Kabwata Police Station noticed suicidal traits.

It is while detained Richard Kachingwe Police Station that Maeka administered to herself the impotent concoction to try and end her life.

Officers rushed her to the country’s biggest referral hospital where she wass treated, discharged before being taken back to Kabwata Police Station where she was allocated a female officer to guard her round the clock from inside the cell.

However, on Wednesday Maeka was taken back to the UTH and has been admitted to Ward CO 2 with officers taking turns in watching her as she recieves treatment.

UTH spokesperson Natalie Mashikolo confirmed to #Kalemba that Maeka was currently admitted to health facility but was in stable condition.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga also confirmed that Maeka was taken to UTH after complaining of feeling ill.

Maeka is yet to appear in court for the murder of her son Sangwani Chabinga aged two years seven months who died after she pressed a pillow to his face, sat on it until the child stopped breathing.

She committed the atrocious act at a lodge in Kamwala South where she lodged after receiving money from her elder sister who had given her matching orders to return to her mother in Kitwe due to her irresponsible behavior and love for late night partying.

Sure that the boy was dead, Maike returned to her sister’s place and lay the child on the couch as if he was just sleeping.

Upon noticing that the child was unresponsive after being checked on, Maeke’s elder sister rushed him to the University Teaching Hospital where he was confirmed dead.

After interrogation, Maeke confessed ending the life of her child upon which she was arrested.


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