“OP Officials have been flushed out “Chigumula” for trying to rig the August 2021 elections” -Thabo Kawana
“ZICTA Board will not be fired as it resisted rigging maneuvers done by other government agencies such as the OP.” Thabo Kawana


  1. Is kawana speaking on behalf of the political party or government. It is quite confusing when people don’t know boundaries. Such statements you be spoke by chief government spokes person.lt seems many people don’t understand their roles.

    • Come on! It is not only Govt spokesperson for everything. Many people have got information and you can’t shut up everyone. I like what Thabo was saying; it made a lot sense. You have an option of not listening to his statement so stop talking for everyone, Dirk!

  2. Chilyata, Dr k has a very solid point and it shouldn’t be as easy as having the option to not listen to him .

    Two solid facts:

    1. The President’s engagements are managed and announcement by the civil service and government officials around him as long as they are related to his functions as head of state. If he is going fir a party national committee meeting or meeting party functionaries, then this Kawana or Mweetwa should announce. According to protocol that is it, fir otherwise, how did Kawana know the details he is proposing unless we are going back to the PIG as under UNIP, that is the Party and it’s Government where there was no difference between the two. We fought to separate those so if you are too young to know this distinction, then save us the time.

    2. Rigging the election or not rigging it cannot be done by the board at ZICTA but by the CEO and his team so those are the ones to celebrate. The board was sitting at home like all of us


  3. It is very strange the way Brother Kawana is coming out on almost every issue. Remember the way he commented on the fuel pending increase, before govt responded he refuted it. Let’s get this right, UPND as party have a spokesperson, MDC as party have a spokesperson, the UPND and it’s alliance has a spokesperson and finally the Govt have also have it’s spokesperson. I’m remember very well when people including UPND where complaining about Amos Chanda when he was commenting on almost everything happening in the nation when he was at state house. You like or not everything has boundaries especially how the Govt and it’s party should operate,.

  4. This is maybe the reason why I strongly advocate for the fusion of alliance partners directly into UPND because the alliance only works during elections and the main election will come in 2026, maybe if that direct fusion was actualized, maybe the confusion that is developing where pressers are coming right left and center maybe averted. Besides an opposition political party exists for the purpose of coming into government in the future but as it stands the NDC can never go against the UPND in any election so why stand parallel in terms of political parties when we are a Unit. besides direct fusion within UPND will bring about direct recognition and not channeled recognition as is the case now, with direct fusion their will be order unlike now. I SUBMIT.


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