Dr. Fred M'membe


Second Deputy Speaker Moses Moyo’s declaration of nine (9) parliamentary seats held by the Patriotic Front (PF) vacant is undemocratic, mischievous and confirms the “kangaroo nature” of the National Assembly today.

In the interest of justice, we outrightly reject this poorly choreographed scheme whose consequences will soon be so embarrassing for both its architects and implementors. This is not a way to govern a country. And it is such a shame to Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND that such utter despotism and constitutional chaos can be allowed to play out on the floor of the House, which is expected to be a neutral arbiter in our country’s governance system.

This decision is retrogressive and an indictment on of the leadership of the country’s three arms of government, especially the executive, which is resolved to destroy the country’s democracy through a series of irregular, unconstitutional and barbaric manoeuvres to cement its hold over the country.

We have said it before that this is not an internal matter of PF. It is an issue of very serious national consequences if not handled properly. This is about Mr Hichilema wanting to garner the majority in Parliament, which he failed to obtain through the general elections. The purpose of these amateurish political manoevures is to give himself a majority in Parliament that he requires to make amendments to the Constitution that will perpetuate and entrench his divisive, corrupt and chaotic rule.

Mr Hichilema wants to change the Constitution to perpetuate his stay in office by removing the five-year presidential term limit and introduce a seven-year term as well as remove the 50% + 1 to revert to First Past the post electoral system to avoid a rerun that he fears greatly.

He knows he can’t win an election, which is why he wants to dilute opposition representation in Parliament to hang on to power regardless of the destruction to our democracy.

We reject Mr Moyo’s declaration outrightly, and we call upon all progressive stakeholders of this country to get involved and rescue the country from Mr Hichilema’s desperation to install a full-blown dictatorship and make this country an outpost of senseless tyranny.

This is what happens to a nation, a country when values, principles, and ethics are lost and sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. And those who aided or initiated this destructive process are now helplessly watching the inferno that they ignited. Sadly, Mr Miles Sampa, wittingly or unwittingly, is the “hero” of this veritable chaos.

One bad term doesn’t deserve another, aleya!

Dr Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party Zambia


  1. Mr. Mmembe at times you must slow down and take it easy otherwise you will crush. So in this PF issue, the question you must ask yourself is, first! on whose base or through which route did the second honourable Deputy Speaker use to arrive at that decision if already done, has to be or is in the process to be taken.

    Secondly, what was the ruling from the courts of law, in this case the constitutional court where the nine PF presidential aspiring candidates took this very case to.

    Whom ( the individual or person ) did these 9 PF candidates took to court and what position does he held / have in PF.

    Thirdly, are the decisions that this person they, the PF aspiring candidates took him/her to court abiding? Does he/her have the authority and power to do so and if so based on which legal approved grounds.

    Now, to be specific! Who instructed National Assembly to take a decision on the same concerned individuals and was it verbal or properly communicated?.

    So before condemning and concluding as always in dunana reverse gear, you as Mmembe have to ask yourself certain questions and thereafter make your point based on facts than misleading others based on hearsay and lies. It doesn’t work like that. We have to be mature enough in the way and manner we conduct our politics.

    I hear just recently Miles Samba had a meeting or just a chat with ECL and now we have these happening in PF which again on your usual exaggeration want to involve the Republican President President HH for an issue he has no interest in. What type of reasoning is that really. Amano yawukaCEPA, always sure ba freddiiii

  2. So this useless man called Membe talks the whole one page without quoting any provision of the constitution that has been violated and he expects people to buy into his opinions. Everyday he talks about hh and yet he doesn’t have any alternatives to the economic challenges we have in the county


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