SEVERAL PF members of parliament who do not approve of former president Edgar Lungu’s return to the helm of the former ruling party say they are ready to support a parliamentary motion to remove his immunity if that’s what it takes to stop him.

The lawmakers are angry with what they say is “a small click of individuals trying to sneak Lungu back to the presidency of the PF without consulting the general membership of the party”.

Soon after losing the 2021 vote, Lungu wrote to Cabinet saying he had left active politics, a decision he has since rescinded after his associates convinced him that he was capable of returning to the unoccupied Nkwazi House.

Although Lungu himself is yet announce his intentions publicly, people from within his circle like Bowman Lusambo have gone ahead of him and repeatedly and publicly saying the former president was still in active politics and that at the right time, he would return to lead the PF.

Insiders have also revealed to #Kalemba that since Lungu’s change of heart, he with help of his henchmen have set out an elaborate plan to return him to the captaincy of the rocking boat.

“Part of the plan is to ensure that the convention to elect a new president should not take place, sources intimated to told Kalemba.

Last week, party vice-president Given Lubinda heeded Lungu’s directive of announcing Raphael Nakacinda as Secretary General whom he believes is key to the “Alebwelepo project”.

But not all PF members are amused with Lungu’s schemes.

Several lawmakers who requested for their identities to be kept secret in the for now contacted Kalemba over the weekend and spoke out on the matter.

The lawmakers complained about not being consulted about party matters and decisions despite their monthly financial contributions.

They said a small group of individuals had decided to launder and smuggle Lungu on the 2026 ballot paper as a PF presidential candidate.

The lawmakers said they believed that PF would be a formidable political force capable of beating the UPND in the 2026 elections if the party rebranded genuinely.

“They say we are rebranding but what kind of rebranding is it when the same Lungu who caused us to lose an election terribly is micro-managing the party from the sitting room of his house in Ibex while being helped by people who also lost elections or have never been voted by anyone,” asked one lawmaker.

Another lawmaker accused some PF members of holding Lungu hostage and misleading him into believing that he was capable of moving back into State House.

“Those people are lying to president Lungu. although as PF we can bounce back to power, the big man cannot lead us to victory,” said another lawmaker.

“So to save the party from total destruction, we have agreed amongst ourselves that when a motion to remove president Lungu’s immunity is brought before parliament, we will support it. But of course, there some amongst ourselves that are yet to agree to this but a good number of PF MPs already agree to it,” added the lawmaker.



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