WHAT CAUSED UNIP TO DIE (Timely Lesson for PF)- Dr Edgar Ng’oma/ Philosopher/Political Analyst


*WHAT CAUSED UNIP TO DIE (Timely Lesson for PF)

Sunday 5th March, 2023

Author: Dr Edgar Ng’oma/ Philosopher/Political Analyst.

Without fear or favor

■ …kindly check the coincidence on the magic last number 6 in the two election years 1996 & 2026.Those who know you know the meaning. It’s a wait and see situation.
…..let’s examine the comparative symptomatic facts between UNIP & PF behavior as we critically analyze what led to the complete obliteration of UNIP in Zambia from the political landscape of the country, although it being the first party to form government in 1964 and ruled for 27 years uninterrupted, but unfortunately is

dead today with no representative anywhere in the government.

Again let me apologize in advance to those that this analysis may unsettle and cause them the stress, to you kindly find it in heart to understand that I am a mirror in politics, I reflect the political activity and interpret it for those involved. Just like a thermometer measuring temperature on objects as required. Kindly take heart, I mean well for all of us.


The belief in one single man that without him there is no PF, that this and that single man is PF and PF is that single man is a very dangerous philosophy which has the potential to crush any political party in this case the Patriotic Front party. This same philosophy of wamuyayaya (life President) and kumulu lesa pansi pano Kaunda, (God rules in haven and Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda rules on earth) killed United National Independence party (UNIP) under the leadership of the founding father of the nation Dr. Kenneth Kaunda who ruled Zambia as President for 27 years uninterrupted and caused UNIP go into extinction.Today UNIP cannot even win a local government election, because of centering all power in one man and his Sons.
Even if today UNIP has changed leadership to an ordinary citizen who is
a Religious Spiritual Leader like MCP of Malawi led by Lazarus Chakwera who won the former ruling political party elections in 2020 in Malawi, for UNIP it is too late now because the party is already dead. To take a leaf 🍃 from what happens before the death of a person, it was better to change UNIP leadership when the party was feeling headache, but now when the medical doctor examining the autopsy has declared it dead and the mortuary attendant has secured the remains in the cold room for relatives to come and collect it for burial, and then some one prescribes the right medicine hoping the person would respond, it becomes a practical comedy/joke for the onlookers in this case the people of Zambia 🇿🇲, they have unfortunately been laughing quietly.

I warned PF in 2017/2019 when I saw President Lungu fire Kaizer Zulu his Political Advisor and replaced him with a man who had verbally abused him on Social media more than anybody had defamed him. In his insults he even dedicated a book insulting President Lungu. I also saw so many other people who defected from MMD and UNIP who I know them as undertakers, upon seeing them closer to President Lungu, that is when using my 4 eyes I concluded without doubt that President Lungu was being escorted out of state house to allow for President Hichilema to come in.


When MMD under the leadership Fredrick Jacob Titus Chiluba (FTJ) as President took over power in 1991 after defeating super Kenny(Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda) and his United National Independence Party (UNIP), in a decisive highly contested election of 1991 where MMD formed government ending a 27 years autocratic one party rule system ushering in a democratic dispensation which is until today is the system of governance which is regulated by the rule of law.

MMD under President FTJ Chiluba made a lot of sweeping changes to the government left by UNIP. One of the biggest sweeping changes which FTJ made effected was the privatization of state owned companies and institutions. About 90% of state owned companies were privatized leaving a lot of people working for those companies jobless . This loss of jobs and closure of most of those companies had ripple effect, such that a lot of people suffered harsh economic hardships and such that about 60% of citizens regretted removing KK/Super Kenny and they started calling for his return to power 🔋.

“This cry of the people in 1996 for Super Kenny to return from political retirement to active politics to restle power from the MMD who had defeated him is exactly what is repeating itself in Zambia today where PF wants to get back power using the defeated Leader Edgar Chagwa Lungu citing similar reasons of economic hardship where people feel PF under the leadership of former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu were better because atleast fuel, electricity and mealie meal which is Zambia’s staple food was cheaper and affordable than it is today under the New Dawn Government under the leadership of Hakainde Hichilema.”

So, Super Kenny was enticed to rejoin active politics in a similar manner what is happening to Former President Edgar Lungu today, being lured into contesting the 12th August 2026 election.

Fast forward; Super Kenny succumbed to the call for him to re-contest the Presidency in 1996 and I see Former PF President Lungu following suite.

I know it is exactly 27 years ago today in 2023 when Supper Kenny led the death of his political party in 1996. Those who were not there then, or were young together with those who have forgotten how super Kenny killed UNIP , here is how;

FTJ Chiluba who was the incumbent president of Zambia at the time for from 1991 to 1996 for a five year term, who was a self acclaimed Political Engineer hatched out a plan to stop Super Kenny from contesting that election and he did so by making sure the name of Super Kenny does not appear on the ballot paper by tampering with an eligibility parental clause in the constitution of ZAMBIA.
In summary the clause which was adjusted to bar Super Kenny from participating in the election stated that;

” For a candidate to qualify to contest as President, his Parents must be Zambian citizen by birth! “

That was it! Super Kenny nailed because both his parents hailed from Nkhotakota in Malawi and the father came as a missionary at Lubwa mission in Chinsali district now in Muchinga Province of Zambia. However, Super Kenny himself was born in Zambia 🇿🇲 and he was a citizen of Zambia by birth.

Aftre being barred from contesting the 1996 general and Presidential election Super Kenny got incensed and sort international community intervention, but international community said they could not interfere in matters that had the potential to undermine a sovereign state. Then what does super Kenny do next? He went straight on a suicide mission by getting a rope and hang both himself together with the party he led UNIP by boycotting the entire general election thinking that the MMD government was going to change their mind to allow him to contest the presidency, MISTAKE!

President FTJ Chiluba then said in a statement he made, to reply to Super Kenny boycott!

” In a democratic dispensation the constitution provides for citizens to respect a democratic right of every individual/citizen, whether he wants to participate in an election or not, we will respect their democratic right, in this case democratic right of Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda and his party UNIP not to participate in the 1996 general election.
However, for those of us who want to participate in this election, we too our democratic right should be equally respected.”
end of quote.

And true to Dr. Kaunda”s directive, ( leadership centred on One man), both UNIP candidates standing on parliamentary ticket and municipality local government ticket as candidates, boycotted the 1996 general election, and the day of casting a vote President FTJ Chiluba and the MMD turned it into field day by sweeping clean the entire election with a land slide victory. UNIP had died MHSRIEP.

Today PF members and their sympathizers are in serious conversation to entice Former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to re-contest the 2026 Presidential election, and like Super Kenny was told, he too is being told he would easily win the presidency in 2026 if he contested by a wide margin, why ? because in their persuasion they are advancing reasons such as;

under the UPND presidency the cost of living has become extremely expensive as compared to the time when he(ECL) was President.

Very true, true the cost of living is higher today than it was during PF regime, but who has told the PF that all people who voted for the UPND voted for them because they wanted the cost of living to be lower?

Let PF know today from this writer’s analysis after interviewing a lot of people why they voted for UPND, their is that, most people who voted for UPND and Bally (President Hakainde Hichilema) did so just to remove PF party from government, just to see to it that the ills they experienced under the PF were removed out of site together with its instigator PF party, because the citizens were fade up of the un-ruly cadrerism weird behavior where cadres were more powerful than state police, and NOT what PF is thinking were the reasons. Also among the many ills were gassing and arrogance (Kusamwa) that was being exhibited by both cadres and PF leadership. For example this statement here;

” ( Wiomba mwibala, alalya mwibala) meaning; he who work in a perfume factory has to smell the aroma of the perfume long after he has left the perfume factory.”

If you know you know the meaning of this statement which was made by the sitting PF President who they have enticed to re-contest the 2026 election, he said this while addressing a press conference at State House in Zambia.


Remember what political engineering FTJ did to prevent Super Kenny from contesting the 1996 general election? In the case of Former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu it will be very simple…. those who know , you know why.

In conclusion, my advice to PF and its leadership is simple; Allow all those who have paid to contest party Presidential election in an intra party democracy system do so without intimidation and interference.

“Let the electrol college hold free and fair election. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for the love and respect for PF Founding Father Michael Chilufya Sata, so that his Party does not die a sudden death in 2026 when your name might miss on the ballot paper, kindly Let go the seat of President for any other possible succesor who should not be your daughter/Son or relative but any other person the convention will chose without your influence. After the convention has chosen a leader of their choice, kindly support who ever emerges winner. You will be more respected to remain a States man for young politicians to seek your wise counsel. Remember that you are the only surviving Former President in Zambia today, 5 others are all late and peacefully resting at Embassy Park in Lusaka”.

To PF cadres, my advice to you is guard your party jealously, Do not allow greedy, selfishness steal your heritage and future.
This advice is free, one can choose to take it or start calling this writer names for both I will be grateful.


PF with Driver Lungu want to repurchase their antique motor vehicle because they feel you are not looking after it well, especially that they can see the spare parts they put to this vehicle are still intact, they badly want it back because they are walking on foot these days without the vehicle which you are driving now.

My humble advice to UPND leadership is; kindly e exceedingly alert!, open your eyes wider to secure our prestigious antique motor Vehicle from car thieves. Motivate the security guards guarding it, especially so that the one you have put as second in charge of all of your security guards is demotivating and frustrating them, he is seemingly not relating well with security guards supervisors. Kindly caution him the dangers of frustrating guards. If I am not clear, I can be reached easily.

Remember what happened to both Super Kenny and FTJ? they woke up one morning in a panic !!. Let’s prevent history from repeating itself by motivating the morale of security guards looking after this prestigious antique vehicle.

I will emphasize again to Bally, for your motor vehicle to take us to the land of milk and honey, kindly take your Antique motor Vehicle to the garage for service, remove counterfeit spare parts left by PF, buy your own genuine parts and replace them immediately, because time is not your best ally.

I submit.

Author: Dr. Edgar Ng’oma – Philosopher/Political Analyst.

Kindly share this knowledge and wisdom.


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