When 2 Elephants Fight, It Is The Grass That Suffers- Chishala Kateka


When 2 Elephants Fight, it is the Grass that Suffers.

14 March 2023

Over the long week end, we saw the Republican President Mr Hichilema exchanging words with his predecessor Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

The two are the foremost opinion makers and influencers in the country,
If they indicate that they are enemies of each other, then their followers will follow suit. Most of Their followers are young people already prone to violence as evidenced by youth day violence across the country.

To the former President, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu
We only have one living former President. Office of the former President is a constitutional office not existing by the goodwill of any Republican President, but is one that is enshrined in Constitution.

Mr Lungu, a person having held position of former Head of State, is therefore an asset to the nation with the knowledge, wisdom and experience gained whilst in office.

You Sir, therefore present a security asset because of information and state secrets that you hold. You are therefore no ordinary citizen.

Your conduct and messaging should, as a result, be tempered by a recognition of the privileged position that you hold curtesy of the Zambian people. Meaning, you owe the Zambian people, conduct and public engagement that is in keeping with the decorum of your office which is above all, none partisan.

If you engage in partisan politics, you will lose that privileged position and the respect due to you.

You should, at this time, be available to the state and the incumbent head of state.

To the Republican President
Mr President, you stated that the former President Mr Lungu is lucky to be alive seeing the way he treated you and that the freedoms being enjoyed by Zambians are by good graces of yourself as President, rather than the Constitution.

That is not right Mr President. A President is not God and is not a sovereign. Zambia is not a monarch and Zambians are not subjects but are citizens with the President only being Citizens N0.1. A President has duties to perform to citizens.

Your language Sir, is contrary to our multi-party democratic dispensation.

You were lecturing parliament and the nation on National Values just two weeks ago, to come out and use insults in response to the former President is not acceptable. Out of respect for the reading public, we can not repeat the you word you uttered, here.

In our culture, a grown up person can not utter those words in public especially in the presence of young impressionable people, that can pick up on this bad language.

Our advice to the advisors of our two Presidents
Morality in our country has degenerated – it is clear that it is because leadership is lacking.

We are seeing a re-emergence of caderism and that those that stood and condemned this are actually behind this from the back door.
Lawlessness is being spearheaded by our leaders.

We find it most regrettable and sad that those of you charged with the onerous responsibility of ensuring that the two most important offices in the land are run efficiently to the benefit of the citizens at tax payers expense are the ones cheering on this disgraceful “chochise” it must be mentioned that the two Presidents are human and will occasionally fall into error and mis-speak, but when this happens, that is not the time to cheer them on but to rise to the occasion and give them wise counsel.

The King needs advisors – people of integrity, responsibility, proven track record in public affairs and statecraft. Proverbs 24; 6a “for by wise guidance you can wage your war” .

Please advise your Principals wisely.

When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. We are asking the Presidents to desist from this behavior because in this case, the ‘grass’ is us – the living, breathing and feeling human beings. May these elephants stop fighting so that we may have unity and progress for our nation and let Zambia take its rightful place as the Beacon of national harmony, progress, development and democratic practice for which we are known.

Zambians have suffered enough and need an environment where the issues that they are faced with are resolved.

Finally, I humbly appeal to my two presidents; please Excellencies, desist from making your personal vendettas a national program.


President – New Heritage Party


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