Which good wife asks for a car when her husband is sick” Netizens react as Mr Ibu’s wife and daughter, Jasmine clash again


Which good wife asks for a car when her husband is sick” Netizens react as Mr Ibu’s wife and daughter, Jasmine clash again
Following the news of a drama between Nollywood actor, Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, and his adopted daughter, Jasmine Okafor over his donation, netizens have weighed into it.
We reported days back that Jasmine and Stella were at war over the donation the ailing actor has been receiving.

According to Gistlover, his wife wants to take over the donation money to fund her lavish lifestyle as she is always talking about buying an iPhone 15 and new cars.

The blog also claimed that Mr Ibu’s wife had used her account to get N1 million from the donation.

Now reacting to it, Stella Maris alleged that Jasmine was trying to make her an outsider in her marriage. Describing her statement as malicious, she vowed to address Jasmine’s excessive interference in her family affairs and other related matters.

Her statement has left many dragging her as they questioned what a good wife demands for a car when her husband is in a sick bed.

One Aphrodite Zee wrote, “Why talk about a car in the first place when your husband is sick? Is that a priority?

One Mees Rammy wrote, “This lady isn’t a serious person she’s always fighting because of money she will use for her luxurious life. She’s even talking about her on her page that she will be using for hospital runs

One Grace Luv wrote, “Which good wife will ask for a car during her husband’s trying time? Imagine the talk. Shame

One Tiwa Tade wrote, “Lol. You stylishly mentioned that they buy you a car from your husband’s health donations because taking public transport is stressful. That’s disgraceful

One Nony 4 Real wrote, “This is the type of thing that kills a man so quickly. When you are alive but on a sick bed and hear your family quarrel about money instead of what to do and get you out of sick bed.

One Princess Is Royalty wrote, “You said you wanted to concentrate on your husband yet you wrote all these! What else is there to say again?

One Mena Doros wrote, “Jasmine is the reason Mr Ibu is still getting proper treatment and awareness. If you leave him for this wife, Hmmmm

One Sassy Official wrote, “Jasmine a stranger? Someone who has been the one shouldering the whole bill until it was too much for her to handle

One Ozee Vip wrote, “So people who donated are not total strangers or what. Why calm Jasmine total stranger? You are an ungrateful heart, Madam

One Uz Ogbu wrote, “Does it mean Mr Ibu doesn’t have any cars? You want a car from the donation made to save your husband’s life when he is still lying critically in the hospital. People can be selfish too”.

One Lady que wrote, “But why will Jasmine who is not a member of the family keep the statement of account from the wife?

This drama is coming less than a year after they made headlines for publicly clashing over his property.


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