Who is 2026 Zambia’s President?
So much has been said, seen and done regarding the above question and most have failed to handle this question with the patriotic and objective analysis.

When Levy died RB took and it was automatic RB to win the immediate election that followed. Sata died and it was not clear on Scott regarding his parentage hence the closest seen by then was Harry Kalaba but having come from Luapula he was disadvantaged and a fellow after him Edgar Lungu was picked because he came from another region. It was automatic to win the immediate election considered to be by-elections despite our Constitution not having by-elections on Presidential Candidates as the election is referred to as Presidential Election.

2021 August election was meant for PF to win and maybe rule 15 to 20 years but Edgar Lungu was selfish and could not allow another leader to stand and deliver the victory for PF. The PF featuring another candidate for August 12, 2021 elections would have prevented HH from being Republican President of Zambia as this term was considered the last for him by UPND members and the general public.

Since August 12, 2021 elections the citizens have started searching for who takes over from HH.
Many candidates have started showing up and positioning themselves to lead Zambia after HH. These include Harry Kalaba of DP, Wynter Kabimba of EF, Chishimba Kambwili of unknown, KBF UPND Alliance Partners, Zayelo of PF and the likes of Mutotwa Kafwaya, Emmanuel Mwamba and Ngosa Simbyakula of the former Ruling Party PF, Fred Mmembe of SP, Saviour Chishimba whose candidate withdrew from Kabwata Constituency By-election and others who can be taken as escorts to the Plot One Race.
Each of these candidates have their own reasons for making themselves available.

The Zambian Citizens have a shortlist of whose is taking over from HH and the shortlisted include Chishimba Kambwili CK, Emmanuel Mwamba EM, Mutotwa Kafwaya MK, Harry Kalaba HK, Fred Mmembe FM.

The system of Governance in Zambia has picked 3 people as most immediate threats to HH and these include CK,HK and FM.
The analysis keeps narrowing from the 3 we have issues of the type of politics, experience and character demonstrated to lead Zambia from experimental to established leadership. So much can be said about each of these 3 but one amongst these stands out and will lead Zambia.

CK is a leader that needs others to control him regarding how he manages his mouth, FM is said to be an information person but does not possess the Leadership Zambia needs especially that HH a businessman is seen not doing well and most think FM will be like HH in Govt.

This leaves the option of HK who both citizens and the Governance System is ready to allow his leadership to prevail. HK has sold his brand name well since 2018 after resigning as Foreign Affairs Minister in the then PF regime of Edgar Lungu but he will need lots of Material such as Tshirts, Chitenge, Caps, Bill Boards and media management of all his activities.

Looking at the demands the public makes on HK he can easily get the Presidency and it is a call for others to work with him and support him. Other candidates can be good but they are not alternatives to HH as is HK the man fought by strong government machinery of both ECZ and HH but he has stood strong against all odds. HK is the only brand found favourable in all provinces, amongst civil servants, defence forces and the general public as well as those from the ruling UPND and other opposition but HK must work out a plan to make available materials to all his party structures and some open minded sympathizers who are desperately in need of either a T-shirt, Chitenge, Caps and must print his manifesto for everyone interested in reading. HK must not miss this chance.

HK seems to be taking advice when people speak and evidence is there on his participating in by-elections, visiting and supporting established structures whilst having a good relationship of mutual respect with NGOs and the Church.

The public has advised him of removing the church from politics and he needs to balance on this matter. There is also greater need for HK to engage reliable media houses in addition to his facebook account. HK needs to up the game on the maximum utilization of Online Media to cover his activities which citizens can access at their own convenience.

Currently there is too much funding against HK by those in Government and others evening using his fellow opposition to slow HK down. Our observation is that when he talks both the citizens and the Government take stock of what he says. HK is a brand easy to sell in all the 10 Provinces and the man has had a fair share of touring Zambia in canvassing for votes and public following the the favour of the people is upon.
Done by The Public Researcher.


  1. What a load of rubbish. HK former PF?? CK former PF??FM the consummate crook undermining Zambia for his selfish benefits ?? Non of the above. Mutale Nalunango will ve the next President in 2031

  2. HK is delusional and only delusional persons can vote for him. There is nothing there! FM stands a far better chance than HK. FM has the youth. Who does HK have? Even the diabolical CK can garner more votes that HK. CK has the cohort of thugs! Elyo fingi mu Zambia nomba! Emmanuel Mwamba is also delusional! Time waster!

    Dont ignore Chishala Kateka, Highvie Hamududu and Jackson Silavwe. Chishala should identify a target group and go with them. Highvie needs to encroach on HH’s support group and convince the urban voters and he will be home and dry. Jackson just needs a group of ‘king makers’ and he is home and dry. He is calm, cool, collected, well articulated and brings a refreshing almost bemused objective demeanour to the art of politics. He is also young attractive but mature enough to woo the female voters! Jackson is to watch if only his party was not called “Golden” which doesn’t ring any bell!

  3. Some few names are missing, Bowman Lusambo, Brian Mundubile, Hamududu and Chishala Katuka. HK could have been the best among the current crop of opposition leaders but he has more weaknesses than strengths besides that he lacks that kind of leadership which inspires the followers. CK is inspirational but he is too good and strong at supporting others more than he can support himself. Moreover he is poor at making judgment and in most cases, his timings are wrong. FM already messed up himself and it is difficult for people to take him serious now. Moreover, his socialist ideas are difficult to sale in the era we are in. If things were still the way they were, Edith Nawakwi could have been a better alternative than anyone else. Anyway 2031 is still far ahead, the searching can continue.

  4. To be honest guys techno’s or educated one they are not helping this country , just look in upnd ministers they all educated but doing nothing on the ground. Unip and mmd worked well especially unip than upnd which is occupied with educated ministers . HH can you appoint those people you suffered with not those technos are not helping you, talk of Danny kalyalya is the let down. Please bring back ngandu magande and Kaleb fundanga.kalyalya is good on graphics not on practicals.

  5. HK propaganda machine at work.Even though some facts may not be true, at least the DP propaganda machinery seems to be way way ahead of the opposition pack. Only time will tell.

  6. Who told you if pf had another candidate other than Lungu, HH would have been prevented from being voted. It is such useless articles

  7. Who told you Zambians have started searching for 2026 president? This government is ripe and well to the task. Give’em a chance

  8. This outdated approach to the Zambian presidency is nauseating. Zambians are not short of leaders to settle for PF surrogates like Harry Kalaba. Service to the people is not in his make up, he is salivating for the presidency because of what he can eat and enjoy. Let’s discuss issues and how to manage and solve them, not recycled politicians who bring nothing to the table except a rumbling stomach.

  9. You who is talking of the 2026 regime change, forget about regime change. What you don’t understand is this, Zambians know what they went through under PF regime. So Zambians are very careful this time around towards the change of GVT. Zambians will not change a president in 2026 they will continue with HH. But you can continue campaigning for Hary Kalaba maybe he will be able to unseat the UPND in 2031. Remember that UPND stayed in the opposition for 22yrs cobtineously and started growing the party up to national level amidst difficulty some.


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