Why I Declined The Invitation To Attend An Event At Statehouse On The Abolition Of The Death Penalty- Silavwe Jackson


WHY I DECLINED the invitation to attend an event at STATEHOUSE on the ABOLITION OF THE DEATH PENALTY:

1. President Hichilema and his administration have not consulted the people of Zambia on the removal of the death penalty. This is against the majority submissions across the Country by our people that capital punishment be maintained in our Constitution.

2. President Hichilema has imposed his will and that of the cooperating partners on the Zambian people on the death penalty removal. President Hichilema has gone against the wishes and aspirations of the majority of the Zambian’s on the death penalty. The procedure used was extremely ambiguous as the death penalty is still in the Republican Constitution but removed from the Act/penal code.

3. I am one of those Zambian’s that support the death penalty 100% for people who have been convicted of capital offenses such as murder.

As for the repealing of the defamation laws against the President, it is a step in the right direction which deserves commendation. I wish to encourage President Hichilema and the New Dawn Government to expunge all the defamation laws from the statute books to make this step meaningful.

Silavwe Jackson, President, Golden Party of Zambia


  1. You are President without members, keep on day dreaming and mind you being pompous will make you in attractive. Better you mix with others so that you learn new tricks as well as getting advice.

  2. Waguna! Look at you nobody actually missed you and nobody even asked to explain why you werent there. You are just a foolish boy without shame. Imagine even Saboi was there and you wanted to make a big fuss for nothing.


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