Worsening Conditions Will Lead Zambians To Streets, Warns Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba

WORSENING CONDITIONS WILL LEAD ZAMBIANS TO STREETS, WARNS KABIMBA … Hichilema must assume more responsibility for his failure

Economic Front (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba has urged President Hakainde Hichilema to assume more responsibility for his failures, warning that with things worsening in the manner they are, Zambians are likely to pour out their anger onto the streets.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Kabimba laid out the facts in stating that the person who said he would fix matters was being fixed himself, with most fundamentals worsening since he assumed office, arguing that President Hichilema found the price of petrol and diesel around K17 and K16 respectively but has now increased them to over K28 and K29 respectively.

He said the Ukraine war cannot be used as an excuse because the President’s first action on assuming office was to increase fuel prices, three months before the war actually started, and that on assuming office, the Kwacha was trading at around K17 to US$1 but that was now K20 to US$1. Kabimba said the price of a 25 kilogram bag of breakfast meal was at K130 but President Hichilema has now increased it to over K170, and that the fertilizer which was around K700 is now over K1000.

He said it therefore sounds ridiculous for those in the ruling party to urge Zambians to endure the pain for now on claims that the UPND administration did not create the economic malaise the country is facing, saying the President and his people in the administration were drunk with false pride that was preventing them from apologising to Zambians that they have failed to run the affairs of the country competently.

He said President Hichilema before being elected into office said that the country was on its knees but that he went to the public to tell them that he knew where the problem was and that he would fix it, hence the acronym “Bally will fix it.”

“The truth of the matter, even from an ordinary person on the street is that HH has failed, HH lied and lied intentionally so that he can continue his business using State House,” Kabimba said. “So he understands nothing because he has not even paid attention to learn…


  1. Sorry winter your wish ll never come to pass, no riots ll ever happen all right thinking Zambians know were the rot started from and know exactly what HH and his administration is doing. Just go back to Fred so he can fuck you some. Maybe when you ass is sore from his thrust you brains ll think straight again.

  2. People are very hungry and suffering has worsened from 2021. Kabimba is just outlining the truth! Uwa kwata amatwi omfwe!

  3. Unless Wynter Kabimba himself organises the street protests, most Zambians understand that the country is in a crisis left by Kabimba’s friends, the PF.

  4. Better to buy fuel at 60 kwacha and mill meal at 250 with peace and freedom than having PF as an alternative. These guys mafias, killers and brutal to say the least. They looted the country dry, the reason we are in this mess. The flamboyant, arrogant and dreaded pf cadres were running the shows and every Zambians had to dance to their tunes including police. Pliz leave us alone with the peace we are enjoying.
    Every country is crying for high prices of fuels and Zambia is not immuned. Just cross over to Malawi, compare and I believe you will shut up next time.


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