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… can’t use Dr. Magwende as a sacrificial lamb, Mourinho

Lusaka…. Thursday, August 11, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

Zambians must be told the truth, a US$100 million deal cannot go through without the approval of Cabinet which is headed by the President, PF Media Director Antonio Mourinho Mwanza has said.

Mr Mwanza said former Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary in charge of Administration George Magwende should NOT be used by government as sacrificial lamb.

He said when he featured on 5FM’s ‘Burning Issue’ that the Permanent Secretary cannot write to the Secretary to the Treasury to ask for US$100 million without the approval of Cabinet.

Dr Magwende had his contract terminated with immediate effect by President Hakainde Hichilema on Sunday.

“……today, within 11 months, baba (they have stolen) US$100 million, they can’t account for it. And I look at Dr Mangwende, I feel sorry for that comrade for simple reasons. First of all, Zambians must be told the truth. A US$100 million deal cannot go through without the approval of Cabinet which is headed by the President,” he said.

“The Permanent Secretary cannot write to the Secretary to the Treasury to ask for US$100 million without the approval of Cabinet, without the approval of the line Ministry. The people who are supposed to be held accountable for this US$100 million yamene baba, it has to start with Cabinet, which is headed by the President. Iyi US$100 million yamene mwaba in 11 months, inayenda kuti? Who approved it?”

Mr Mwanza has however encouraged the former PS to tell Zambians the truth when the matter goes to court.

“What role did the ministry of finance play? What role did the ministry of health play? What role did the Secretary to the treasury play? You can’t use Mangwende as a sacrificial lamb. And I just want ukukoselesha umunandi Magwende, ba Magwende nga mwaya ku court, tell the Zambian people the truth,” he said.

“You were a junior officer in the group, an implementation officer, a permanent secretary employed by the President on a contract of three years. A very junior officer, you don’t make policy, the policy is made by government officials, Cabinet. You don’t approve government expenditure; it is approved by cabinet.”

Mr Mwanza also bemoaned the alleged scandals at the Ministry of Agriculture.

“Ku ministry of agriculture kuli ma scandal. Those scandals are too huge, ma scandal ya fertilizer. Imagine fertilizer is US$1,000 per metric ton yet they go and give their own friend fertilizer ya US$1,407 per ton, badyamo ma US$407 per every bag that they are selling, single sourced,” he said.

“Single sourced without going through the normal procedures of the tender. And now we are even hearing that more scandals ya fertilizer yabwela. Mind you, this is August, they haven’t even finished selecting people who will supply fertilizer.”


  1. Report to ACC kaili since you have evidence ati baba. How do you know ati baba, are you an expert in stealing? You were even lying to people ati cdf has not been disbursed for the year so ati next month the money is going back to treasury. Manje budget ya upnd sinayambe mu January? Ba Antonio that’s why pf lost because of your lies and lack of respect for citizens. Anyway you were entertaining pf cadres on radio. Lying to them and they inturn saying they haven’t seen anything. Kaili most of them are broke now , no free money and they are not eating. Njala yeka yeka so they have resorted to stealing from their leaders.

  2. Ba Chulu, he has facts. He knows that there was $407 excess per bag which they single sourced negotiated before elections on 12 August 2021 with whom now they claim is President HH’s friend. Then 12/08/21 happened the deal was done and ba pfools balobailyauma. Now they are lamenting how much they were supposed get from the $407 per bag. Imbushi Imbushi

  3. Mr Antonio Maurinho Mwanza you’re at it again by accusing the Head of State in using the fired PS at Health a Mr Magwende as a sacrificial lamb because Cabinet can approve and the fired PS has to account for the money because he’s the controlling officer and you were in PF as a Media Director and yet don’t know how the Government machinery operates. Mr Magwende admitted to corruption and even said he didn’t know what entered into him to be involved in this vice and agreed that he’s ready to be punished or prosecuted if at all they find any incriminating evidence against him


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