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“Wakanda Forever” the sequel to “Black Panther” is about to be released. Sampa the Great has provided some music to the soon to be released movie giving it a Zambian twang.

There was Hollywood type action in Zambia today in Chalala staring Agness Kapwaya and Robby Chitambo leading to the rescue and release of Pamela Chisumpa the mobile money agent and twelve other abductees aged between seventeen to twenty eight years old.

“His act of great bravery exemplifies the values which help unite our national community, such as courage, selflessness, altruism and taking care of the most vulnerable,” would apply not only to Robby but also to Agness. These words were however not said about Agness or Robby.

These words were in a decree signed by French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe referring to Mamoudou Gassama.

Four years ago in Paris France Mamoudou Gassama, a young 22-year-old Malian migrant, rescued a four year old child dangling from a balcony and the video showing him scaling up four floors to rescue the child went viral.

By the time Parisian emergency services arrived at the building, he had already pulled the child to safety. This is much like today’s drama; by the time the Zambia Police arrived the abducted girls had already been rescued by Agness and Robby.

The Paris fire brigade tweeted: “Mamoudou shares the values of the Paris fire brigade. We are ready to welcome him.” The Zambia Police did not mention Robby or Agness in their press release and unlike the Paris Fire Brigade who did not claim credit for the rescue; Zambia Police seem to want to receive awards and credit for the rescue.

The official statement from Zambia Police reads in part, “With a sense of relief I would like to inform the nation through you the press that today the 3rd October, 2022 we have managed to safely rescue Pamela Chisumpa together with thirteen other ladies that were held captive in a house in Chalala area of Lusaka…….

This was after a long protracted investigation that we have continuously pursued since April this year when she was abducted along Cairo road in Lusaka.”

There was no mention of the central role played by Agness or Robby. It is gratifying that people like Laura Miti, Thomas Sipalo and Miles Sampa have recognized in their various public posts the role played by Agness and Robby.

Miles Sampa wrote, “The girl [Agness] could have been hurt and they caught her escaping while Robby was extra brave and mobilized friends to go rescue the other girls including Pamela.

The girl [Agness] risked her life escaping and so did Robby taking the matter in his own hands raiding the captive house. They raided without any sophisticated weapons but just an axe.“

President Emmanuel Macron invited Gassama to the Élysée Palace a day or two after the incident, where he was given a certificate and a gold medal for performing an act of courage and dedication.

President Hakainde must take steps like President Macron did for Gassama and honour Agness and Robby for their bravery and selfishness. We do not have to wait for the next Heroes and Unity Day and a special investiture ceremony can be done like he did when he conferred The Order of The Eagle of Zambia’ 1st Division, to former President of Liberia Sirleaf Johnson, Former President of the Republic of Liberia, Former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo,, and Former President of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma earlier this year.

President Hakainde would not even need to explain to the Zambian people why he is giving Agness and Robby the award.

Macron gave Gassama the not only the award but also French citizenship because Gassama earned the international sobriquet ‘Spider-man’ after he scaled a Paris building to save a boy hanging from a fourth-floor balcony.

Everyone agrees that Robby and Agness, who scaled the wall to save the abductees, are our Zambian ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Spider-woman’.


  1. It’s really sad to have a police of assaults and harassing motorists on the roads but failing do they intended work of protecting citizens. Mr HH must realise that he doesn’t have internal security department, and that’s the reason the fight against corruption is not yielding any positive results. Fire every senior officer from the rank of assistant inspect to the IG. This man kajoba has no shame how on earth with his seniority face the camera/ nation honestly with that level of a lie, that’s how he faces HH to tell him lies too. Its time we get rid of all incompetent and corrupt lazy comfortable police of out of the system. With they soiled hand you should not expect any thing good for the nation with its national they envy a 1 million kwacha cash balance in charity’s account. But find these officer on a road block and see how they inspect/investigate the car to find non visual obstructing crack below the wiper blade and how fast they point while holding on to the drives licence to park on the side of the road, whilst a Michelin advert figure even failing to breath properly due to excess fat waiting for the driver in the car to pronounce the cost of the offence very sad and shameful.

  2. The police IG should be informed to give correct facts. “we have managed to safely rescue Pamela Chisumpa together with thirteen other ladies” is not a correct statement. And he is giving the impression that the rescue was related to their investigations, which is far from the truth. I agree that the president must honour the true rescuers, the heroes. The police are inept.

  3. A lot of valuable info in this article. However, for an accomplished leader as sakwiba sikota to narrate an horrific event that has traimatised citizens in our country and treat this terrorism as though it’s just a marriage fight gone viral, awe mwandi it makes me feel sad.
    Imagine, if HH didn’t put up a fight, this Counsellor of this calibre could be a president right now.

  4. Great Analysis. I hope our President and the police have heard loud and clear.
    Mr Sakwiba has put it very clearly how you can build the virtues or bravery in a citizenry.

  5. We thank God that the girls have survived this odeal. The people who caught the actual abducters are police in Kaoma. So why shouldn’t the police also get credit. Of course the others mentioned can also be given credit. It takes an intelligent organization to catch these kind of criminals. I can’t even imagine how the police identified these criminals.
    I don’t think Sakwiba wrote this article after getting all the facts.
    Sometimes we act too quick and leave out important facts just wanting to blame the intented enemy. When you hate someone it really shows in your actions/speech, when is this hatred going to end?

    • Mwananyanda – Read Sakwiba’s article again. You are talking about catching panicky boys on the run after being exposed by not the Police.

  6. Thank you Cousin, spoken well. The president am sure have take note, not to mention, he has already prepared a wonderful reception for the 2 brilliant and brave youths and a careful plan to help all those rescued from the snares of dearth .

  7. Sakwiba’s article is actually a tirade aimed at President HH, the man who vanquished him to scoop the UPND leadership.
    It’s clear Sakwiba, a PF sympathiser, is still hurting from that loss.
    Attempting to second-guess the President when the paint has barely dried is ridiculous and only serves to reveal his strong hatred for President HH. The police, just like the Paris firefighters, acted on a tip from the public, but were instrumental to capturing the fugitives. What more can a sane human being expect from our gallant men and women in uniform?
    Robby and Agness would be honoured inaccordance with due processes of government and not due to Sakwiba Sikota’s whims.


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