President Kaunda (MHSRIP) did his best to help build our economy and education institutions. He gave us real free education from primary to university. His weakness was to concentrate so much on the frontline states and the liberation of Southern African countries. He neglected the mines and the parastal companies.

President Chiluba (MHSRIP)
Introduced multi-party politics and sold Council houses cheap. Weakness was that he introduced cadrerism and corruption. He sold our economy to the highest bidder under the evil animal called privatisation.

President Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) He fought corruption introduced by his predecessor and revamped the economy. Kwacha became so strong. Weakness was his loose hands on mining investors. The eleventh truck on one privatised mine was his own which was not right. The conversion of primary schools into secondary schools was not the best way of solving the lack of space for secondary school learners.

President Rupiah Banda (MHSRIP) We will leave him out

President Sata (MHSRIP)
Introduced massive infrastructure development and by allowing State House to administer this opened up the doors of rampant corruption whose doors were closed by President Mwanawasa. His greatest weakness was borrowing. The country today is in huge debts because of that administration.

President Lungu.
He tried his best to tackle the massive infrastructural agenda left by his predecessor but was powerless to close the doors of corruption. He was mindful of the poor. He cared for our traditional rulers. Unfortunately he was a very good friend of cadres and this led to his exit as these cadres became a law to themselves. He surrounded himself with people who had long fingers and this led to national compromise. His link with Chinese companies that were given government contracts was a source of concern.

President HH.
It’s too early to rate him but so far the sings are that he is working had to create employment for citizens. He seems to hate corruption which is very encouraging but he must not just look at past corruption but present one. His weakness is that he has supporters that take him as a god who cannot make a mistake. His links with the minority white supremacy is worrisome. His lack of care for the poor of the poorest is vividly noted. The cost of living in the past ten months has surpassed all the time we have lived since independence. Otherwise we are hoping to get the best out of his presidency.

These are my views and as a human being l may not be 100% but however as a political player this is what l can emulate and cast out given chance to govern.

UPPZ President


  1. On HH you are being unfair. The cost
    of living is going up everywhere including US and UK and other Major
    countries. You don’t seem to listen to international news so that you get to know what is happening elsewhere. You don’t seem to know how the war
    in Ukraine is affecting the world. The main problem is fuel and we don’t produce in Zambia. We can’t subsidize it because we don’t have money instead we have a huge debt to pay.If you were president yourself explain what you were going to do. You are just attacking HH out of bitterness.This man has not even completed a year in office already you are up in arms. You also participated in elections but people rejected you as a president.

    • And you seem to forget that all leaders are chosen/elected to solve problems – CURRENT or FUTURE ones. Yes, Russia/Ukraine conflict might not have been anticipated at the time elections in Zambia were being held, but it is a problem the CURRENT President (Hakainde and his govt) is obligated to find solutions to. Zambians will careless, come election time, about external forces impacting their lives. The blame will square fall on the person in office now, like it always has been. So get to WORK solving people’s problems before it is too late. You may dismiss Meembe and his Socialist Party now, but don’t be surprised if gains momentum in the absence of real solutions people can feel and point to. Good luck Zambia.


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