Muzala Samukonga
Muzala Samukonga


Update: 10.08.2022,7am

A. Airtel Line
LIFO (Last In First Out)

1. K120 Mupeta Chilekwa
2. K20 Kaunda James
3. K50 Musonda Catherine
4. K100 Nabuleze Chakawa
5. K10 Lesa Mubanga

6. K100 Mulenga Ray
7. K5 Zulu Richard
8. K50 Goma Margaret
9. K100 Nkoma Alized
10. K20 Katota Ntenje
11. K20 Kakoma Kevin

12. K102 Mweemba Kevin
13. K50 Banda Alfred
14. K50 Nguni Jacob
15. K500 Phiri Elliot
16. K500 Tope Franchescar
17. K1000 Mwaba Sydney (Dr)
18. K100 Mulenga M. Henry
19. K20 Zulu Steward
20. K100 Nacidze Mercy
21. K200 Chisenga Mwape

22. K20 Zimba Fanwell
21. K15 Nalumino Namakau
22. K100 Chishimba Kennedy
23. K50 Kapamba Oliver
24. K20 Mweene Mutinta
25. K300 Fwelu George
26. K12 Muntinta Charity

27. K30 Simpukile Hildah
28. K50 Nyirenda Florence
29. K50 Chisenga Martin
31. K10 Zulu Susan
32. K150 Banda Natmbose
Sub Total: K4,024

B. MTN Line
FIFO (First In First Out)

1. K50 Chiwala Jack
2. K105 Unkown ( 22-08-08, 13:33)
3. K200 Mwanza Dallon
4. K100 Kanyanga Joseph
5. K50 Chiwale Jack
6. K300 Mumeka M. Charlotte

7. K500 Cheelo Choolwe
8. K150 Assabu Theresa
9. K50 Mulobe Taulo
10. K500 Mwenya Davies
11. K1000 Ziwa Levison
12. K100 N’gona Morgan
13: K20 Mulwanda Walter
Sub Total: K3,125

(In Aphabetical order)

1. Banda E. Jay, MP K5000
2. Chisenga Jean, MP K1,500
2. Chonde G. Saka, MP K5000
3. Mwila Golden, MP K2000
4. Sampa B. Miles, MP K5000
5. Zulu Munir, MP K5000
Sub Total: K23,500

1. K10,000 Sampay MasterCard
Sub Total: K10,000

Grand Total Thus Far: K40,648

‘Flying’ Muzala appreciation fund is still open for more contributions until Friday 12th August, 2022 at 12hrs when the final grand total will be made.

Contribute on
MTN : +260964007007
Airtel: +260979697332

For direct pledge, please call, text or Whatsup on either numbers above.

If wish to donate but remain unanimous or name not disclosed, please indicate so via text or otherwise.

May the hand that giveth be blessed. Contribute to the young man if able🙏🏽.

Zikomo to all that have contributed thus far🙏🏽

Together We Can
MBS10.08.2022, 7am


  1. People would want to contribute but are scared of the funds being Kanyamad. Like donor-funded projects, consultants or administrators will get the lion’s share of the funds leaving little for the targetted beneficiary. That’s partly why some public institutions like UNZA are struggling financially due to alumni’s lack of trust to safeguard and administer donations prudently.

  2. Samukonga should get a good manager so that he can earn a lot of money from endorsements. Get Trade Kings to use him on its adverts etc. He does not need handouts.


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