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ZED farmer Maria Zaloumis Mwelwa has filed for divorce in the Lusaka High Court on grounds that her husband threatened to kill her and accused her of commiting adultery.

And Maria has prayed that her two-year-old marriage to Apollinaris Mwelwa be dissolved because throughout the course of the marriage, her husband has physically, verbally and emotionally abused her which caused her great distress.

She strongly believes that the couple is not incompatible and cannot reconcile because they have different cultural backgrounds, exposures and viewpoints, a fact they both know was now beyond manageable and a source of their conflicts.

In a petition for dissolution of marriage filed in the principal registry, Maria stated that she was lawfully married to Mwelwa on September 1, 2019 at Lusaka Civic Centre.

She stated that she has one child with him aged one year six months and another child from a previous relationship.

She added that her husband also has four other children from his previous relationships.

Maria stated that prior to the parties getting married, the couple constantly engaged in arguments which resulted in their family members advising them that they were not ready for marriage but they proceeded against the advice.

She stated that her husband has failed to appreciate the nature of her work which resulted in physical confrontation on several occasions.

“The said behaviour continued throughout the marriage such that in April 2020, the petitioner left the house for a month following the respondent’s threats to kill her,” the petition further read.

She stated that she reported the threats to the police but later withdrew the case.

Maria stated that she returned home and the couple’s relationship was cordial for about a month but in July 2020, the verbal abuse continued with her husband accusing her of adultery when he knew that she is a farmer who deals with both female and male clients.

She told court that sometime in February this year, they had a misunderstanding that led to an altercation that resulted in her failing down and breaking her laptop.

Maria stated that this incident made her to leave the matrimonial home on February 26, 2021 after it became apparent that their constant arguments and confrontations may result in harm to her or be forced to retaliate in defence.

“The parties have failed to communicate effectively such that even after the petitioner left the house, discussions to do with the wellbeing of the child of the family have proved futile and resulted in the petitioner maintaining the child of the family alone,” she said.

Maria wants the court to dissolve the marriage as she cannot reasonably be expected to live with her husband due to his unreasonable behavior.

She added that parties cannot hold a mature conversation and do not speak at all due to multiple accusations and misunderstanding.

Maria seeks an order for maintenance and property settlement and that she be granted custody of the child of the family.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, December 28th, 2021)


  1. She strongly believes that the couple is not incompatible and cannot reconcile because they have different cultural backgrounds, exposures and viewpoints.. honestly didn’t she know about all of the above before tying the note? Clearly she went into this relationship just to Carry the tag of Mrs. Somebody.

  2. Now I am confused.

    On Christmas day she cooked a lovely meal and said she had cooked it for her king. Which king was this?

    Anyway, if the husband is violent, she should excuse herself from the marriage.

    Wishing her all the best.

  3. One thing we always miss is this:not all relationships should lead to marriage ,no.We have 2 know each other thoroughly well.Then make a decision and the decision should not b yes n proceed to marriage even after 3,4 yrs.Even when a child in the process is born we still don’t have to go 4 marriage.Marriage is more than what most pipo think it is.The way a white woman behaves in marriage is different fr how our African ladies do except those in the diaspora.My personal view.

  4. Aaah, But on Christmas day you were telling us all about how good and nice you cooked for your king
    I even wrote “well done”tell them. And today the king wants to murder you. Queen, tell us which king you were talking about or else you created the whole mess for your self. No Double kings!!

  5. Singles out there my advice is this? If you can’t reconcile your differences before marriage, you will never do so in marriage.
    Listen deep down in your heart and something will tell you whether that person is the one or not to be your life partner. If you are a christian, listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit not your papa or mummy at church.
    Don’t feel shy to break the courtship thinking people will laugh at you. Yes they will but they will even do that even more when you divorce.
    Elo courtship is not time for having sex. If you start on a wrong footing ,you will continue in marriage in that wrong foot.

  6. Reading culture ya ba Zambia kuwayawaya fye. The lady cooked the food for another lover, a new ‘king’ not the one who threatened to kill her, this is the one she is divorcing.

    But mayo nangu mwaliba exposed, the same cannot be of your senses, mulapupumina, how come you are already calling the guy your king just a few months you have known him. Unless you have been seeing him even when you were with your husband you can’t refer to him like that. Take all the time in the world to find true love, otherwise, you will have 10 children from 10 or 11 different fathers.

  7. There is something I don’t like about this woman,looks talkative,bossy and with a terrible attitude. Always in the news for the wrong reason,am sure the recent post about what she cooked for her king and this one on filing for divorce were published by her to get back at hubby.

  8. Exactly which King was she referring to? I came across that article and was amused that their wives out there who care about their husbands. I am surprised that the issues of incompatibility and cultural differences have set in since the 25th of December, Christmas day unbelievable!

  9. with her husband accusing her of adultery when he knew that she is a farmer who deals with both female and male clients…………..THERE IS THE PROBLEM..SHE WANTS HER HUSBAND TO HAVE NO ISSUES WITH HER INTERACTIONS WITH OTHER MEN, AND WHICH MEN …………THERE IT IS ! if you have a lot of male customers that make your husband uncomfortable, employ someone to be handling them on your behalf, not ma phones calls in the night in the name of business, who does that?


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