Emmanuel Chilekwa

The Bally government is curving and engraving its legacy as a government of fake promises and fake prophecies. At every juncture, their word is missing the target or milestone timeline.

Meanwhile, the Kwacha has continued disregarding Bally’s swearing in milestone of 14hrs as it is confirming that he lied or gave a wrong economic prophecy and yet he is an economist. Bally has still continued giving fresh promises or prophecies – badly missing them like the way Prophet Isaac Amataa missed his.

The Bally regime is totally lost regarding what’s happening to our economy. Today, head of government business in Parliament wondered why commodity prices are not coming down and yet inflation is adjusting downwards though not as expected single digit projected.

To scroungers for an answer, she has tasked the Commerçe ministry to get to the ground and find out why commodity prices are still this high.

What am wondering is whether the Vice President understands that when you are an import oriented country, not exporting as much, your currency is always stressed.

Again, the Verp does not seem to recognise the time of the year that festive season puts stress on the Kwacha because even food spices, drinks and essential commodities are all imported.

If the head of government is this uninformed by her team of experts, we are in for a rough ride. Not amusing that she was presenting a non existing Constitutional law and was unable to distinguish bailable and non bailable offence until she was corrected.

But, these are not the only government leaders missing it. Even Presidential State House Aides have put in the public podium false information about their only Boss, telling us that he sits on certain Boards when in fact not until Banknof Zambia wrote to Airtel to correct the mess.

Even on simple information over vaccinations, communication is a huge challenge to get to know what is being communicated. Someone says it is mandatory, others say it is voluntary and yet when you don’t have it, you are being turned away – raising debate where there’s supposed to he non.

So, if the Bosses are missing it, the 25 advisors are missing it, we only pray to zGod to sustain our going FORWARD by faith not by pseudo facts and missed promises and fake prophecies as they are being given to us.

We are on auto pilot. Mulungu azawelusa.


  1. Can the writer of the article make comparisons regarding other currencies against the dollar as well? i.e. the Rand against the dollar.
    The criticism is just political and nothing else.

  2. In fact ignorance is worse than a pandemic because it kills a dead walking idiot. If I said I give something half heartedly, does it literally mean my heart has been cut into two? Think, after all the rate changed downward exactly the day Bally won.

  3. Nothing will help.the so called LOOSERS. They HH ” A perpetual looser” but now do they have anything to talk about?
    Zambians want to hear the outcome of who was the true winner in 2016.
    If at all the petition will be heard then we will be satisfied. As at now we all know New down govt is clearing the mess PF left in all institutions. Accountants will help tress these thugs in PF.

  4. Instead of whining, set up an export oriented company so that the country earns forex. Forex doesn’t emanate from HH’s pockets.

  5. Ba chilekwa ubu ebupuba bwenu. Before election, HH was your best candidate, now why don’t you give him time to perform his duties and manage the economy. Surely the poor Tonga man is not a magician, he may have earned money as a business man but he needs more time to havehands on the wheel of the economy. I may be wrong, you supported him for a position and not the turning the economy around. Shame on you sir, you missed the gravy train, wait opportunities are there. See mucheleka is remember to represent bembas. He has done well insulting chitimukulu may be insult me the king may recognise you.

  6. Ba Emmuel chilekwa, mwaselela kuli ba PF? Lolelafye. We told you come 2022, that is when we will start working with our budget. Lekeni ukusabaila. Tu PF, twamukishamo tunga? You will regret.

  7. Time has come to reflect on how things ideally operate in a normal world.

    We need to understand that to demand for impracticable things is not profitable for us at all and hence further separates us from sorting out the real problems that cause our current predicament.

    There is no short cut to suddenly make the Kwacha stronger than the Dollar. It won’t happen. Only after we produce more services or Products to export to other nations can we earn foreign exchange. This is what makes the Kwacha to appreciate and compete favorably with our currencies.

    True it’s been three months after elections. However , there hasn’t been any significant change made in the increase of our export of Zambian products. Obviously nothing because the economic tools have first to be successful and skillfully applied.

    If this is the case it follows we are still in 2021 and using the old budget provided by PF. The UPND can only start using the 2022 Budget in its fiscal year hence can begin to tackle the issue of economic production and development.

    If we follow this logic how can we demand for something that responds to economic factors in oder to change.

    Yes the fact that good governance is in place gives some goodwill and contributes to the Kwacha appreciation but is not sustainable on its own. We need to produce and export hence reap the benefits of a strong value of the Zambian Kwacha

    Knowing this are we going to wrongly blame this government for wrongs committed by the previous government? On the other hand shall we continue to dwell in the past and keep blaming the past government for the mess they created.

    I think the honorable think to do is to fix this issue. And currently what the UPND – alliance is doing is definitely helping to address this serious issue. There is no short cut and it will take time to fix. That’s the truth. No political slogans can even tilt the scale for sustainable appreciation of our Kwacha.

    Realistic and more informed reporting is needed from Journalist to explain these issues objectively. Other wise what we are advocating for are mere wises and not practical solutions.


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