01st December, 2021.



We write in order to provide our own independent analysis about the UPND – Alliance Led Government in power for the past 100 days!

Seemingly people have made different analysis and observations about the New Dawn Administration since its triumphant victory in the August 12 general elections. Others have spoken positively of the Government while others sound negative and disgruntled. We still have some who posses a dissenting mind that is liberal and balanced.

MPNVP is not an Organization that is sentimental nor easily taken by the public perception. The Organization is not only objective but realistic and factual. It is not an easy assignment making a honest analysis over matters. It depends on the position or location of the person making an analysis. It also depends on the motive, the objectives and whether the sight is poor or normal. Others opt using some appliances and instruments like Binoculars and Microscopes. Among the people making some analysis include some loyal members of the Opposition, individuals who have been in high expectations, the disgruntled youths, independent media houses and individuals who are non aligned. No one would expect those from the opposition especially those aligned to the Patriotic Front party to speak fairly and favorably of the party in Government. Simply put, they are still hurt and are harbouring resentment due to the defeat suffered during the past elections. Very few could be said to have recovered fully from the shock!

Many from the Patriotic Front are still nursing the porous emotional wounds and others are still in a disbelief and up to now have not come to terms with the reality of the loss suffered. A local adage says, ‘A person who hates you never sees anything positive in anything you do’. When shooting a video or photos, the person responsible chooses nice sceneries and only focus on the actual object being snapped. Modern technology has brought about what is called ‘Photo Shopping were the Cameraman improves the quality of the photo and enhances the background as well. Even a person with pimples and rough surfaces on the skin complexion can come out classical and fabulous.

Candidly speaking, the New Dawn Administration has performed exceptionally wonderful in the last 100 days in office. MPNVP is an organization that focuses on the positives of National issues and rarely attends to detriments of the matters. Below are some of the outstanding areas the New Government has scored distinctively!


The New Government has undoubtedly managed to exterminate the influence of political cadres in the Country. Zambia was almost becoming a militia nation. For the first time we saw Army Commanders from the streets who have never undergone any military training. All stations, bus stops, central business areas and Government institutions were taken over by cadres. Cadres proved to be mightier and stronger than even law enforcement agencies. The powers of the Zambia Police were usurped. Cadres penetrated all institutions including Hospitals, Government Ministries, Quasi and Private institutions. The President was being dictated by cadres and sensitive decisions could be made by the influence of cadres.

Granted cadres are still there and we will live with them but the New Dawn Administration has drastically and scantly reduced the influence of cadres in national issues. There is total sanity in public places and even a few pockets of cadres remaining are operating with a lot of caution and care.


The previous administration was marred with abuse of authority and malpractices. The Country was reduced to ‘Wako ni wako’, Nicekeleko, tidyemo business and Kata mulomo. Corruption became part of us. All business transactions especially in Government were characterized by corrupt practices. Procurements and awarding of contracts where only conducted by some corrupt cliques. Inflated prices and exaggerated tenders became an acceptable norm.

Realistically speaking the Government is still battling with the vices because some corrupt cliques are still operating in a number of institutions. However, since the President is championing a zero tolerance in fighting corruption crusade, we are seeing civility being restored in the Government and the public has started gaining confidence in the system. Investor confidence is slowly getting back in the Country.


Prior to the August 12 general elections and before, the report showed lack of regard to the rights of the people. It was unheard off for someone to be arrested and the same day being accorded police bond. Some suspects were in detention for several weeks, months and years without being presented before Courts. The Zambia Police were involved in some illegal shootings of suspects and many lives were lost. Police brutality was rampant and there was no respect for Rule of Law.

Many cases prosecuted by the State ended up in Noelle Proseque, Acquittals, Dismissal of cases before Courts and sadly many aggrieved individuals ended up suing the State and subsequently the Government/State ended up loosing millions of kwacha’s in such cases.


For the first time in the history of our Country are we witnessing media freedom on a grandeur scale. We are now seeing the opposition being featured on Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation and are being allowed criticizing the Central Government openly. People are now free to speak their minds on Social Media and using all means of communications without any intimidations from the Government. The Republican President is more tolerant and liberal than any other Head of State Zambia has ever had! Anyone can challenge the President in any way and still His Excellency does not feel undermined. So far we have not heard anyone prosecuted and convicted for speaking injuriously against the President and his Government.

Freedom of Expression is undoubtedly granted! So far the Republican President has not made any changes in the management of ZNBC apart from the dissolved board. Employees of ZNBC are more free and liberal than ever before. Worse still, private media houses are operating freely without the critical influence of the Central Government.


Although many might feel that decentralization would only be seen working once fully implemented, the New administration has already demonstrated its will and commitments by documenting the New Budget and enshrining some policies about decentralization program to be effected in all the 156 Constituencies. So far the Government is not relenting in its desire to see the actualization of the decentralization process. The Finance Minister recently announced that by the time schools would be opening in January 2022, all schools would have received grants. Thanks to the able leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema for fulfilling decentralization program which remained rhetorical for a long time now.


Although the Patriotic Front led Government is in a hurry rubbishing the measures being undertaken by the New Managers, it must be noted that the New Dawn Administration is original, honest, sincere and authentic! The Patriotic Front Led Government concentrated at pleasing people and never minded about the long term effects of the actions they took. Instead of disclosing the real situations obtaining in the Country, the PF chose to remain quiet and preferred sweeping the dirty under the carpets.

Indeni Oil Refinery Plant for instance has been battling with challenges for many years now. The Patriotic Front at some point opted closing the refinery. The challenges being experienced at Indeni were caused by the cadres who have completely usurped the industry. Almost all suppliers at Indeni Oil Refinery Plant were PF cadres. Contracts and supplies of goods and services were only awarded to political cadres.

The Industry has been underperforming for a long time now. The Refinery was a white elephant or a decorated graveyard. The PF pretended as though the Refinery was doing well for political expediency. The UPND are real and genuine and their coming out placing Indeni Oil Refinery on Care and Maintenance mean well. Neither has the UPND discussed privatizing the industry nor selling it.

The Patriotic Front pretended as if the Oil Marketing Industry was at peace and yet they have been owing suppliers of fuels millions of kwacha’s. The Government has also been spending huge sums of monies through paying of subsidies on fuel and oil. While Zambia remains one of the cheapest in terms of fuel prices, the Government has been hiding too many skeletons in the wardrobes. The UPND are being real by disclosing the huge sums of monies owed through procurement of fuel. By proposing increase in Electricity tariffs and Fuel supply, the Government is being real and sincere. The Government is ready to address the real causes of the problems the Country has been grappling with for many years.

The situation could be compared to parents at home who provide expensive meals for the family without disclosing to the children about the debts incurred for the lucrative meals enjoyed by the family. It is better surviving on vegetables than eating meat with troubles.

The UPND Government is more transparent, prudent, efficient, honest, sincere and consist of men and women with high integrity and profound pedigree. It is better to be hated for telling the truth than being liked for concocted lies. So far the New Administration may not be appreciated by many people for being honest but eventually many will realize.


Prior to the August tripartite elections, Zambia was a divided nation. Sentiments like ‘A Tonga would never rule Zambia’ was the most spoken. Regionalism, Nepotism and Tribalism became widespread. The Country was at the verge of collapse. Hatred, Sects, Strife’s, Squabbles, Fights, Sarcasms, Bitterness and Slander characterized the Zambian Politics. Soon after the announcements of the elections, we are seeing National Unity being restored. Many are now learning how to be more embracive to others. We are now able to dwell together in unity. Tribes have started branding and blending splendidly amongst themselves. We are becoming more tolerant and liberal than ever before. The New Government is resolved at uniting the Country in imitation of our Zambian Motto: One Zambia One Nation!


For the first time in the history of our Country have we started seeing Equity and Social Justice being attained. Our own Natural Resources were not being managed fairly. Some areas where more favored than others. Only a few people benefited from the National Cake. We are coming from a situation where a few musicians were favored with thousands of kwacha’s while many citizens remained empoverished. Some churches received a lot of monies while others did not. Some few individuals were awarded contracts and tenders while others struggled for several years without anything. One could wonder the criterion and litmus test used by the previous Government in determining who to consider.

Alas Equity, Social Justice, Non Discrimination, Fairness and Inequalities are being seen. There is no impartiality in the Country presently. The Law is being applied equally and no one is superior than the other. We are all being treated justly. The Government has put in place policies meant to endure Fairness in almost everything.

In the religious circle, only Pentecostal Churches were regarded. The New Government has decided to embrace all Churches in the Country. Even the Seventh Day Adventist and Jehovah’s Witnesses are being heard in public domains. Religions that are non Christians are now flourishing. Almost all the traditional leaders are receiving attention from the Central Government as compared to the past when only some Chiefdoms could be heard. All the tribes are being appreciated in the Country. We are now living as a Family!


Sadly the Country is engulfed with some disgruntled individuals meant to frustrate and sabotage the legitimate Government. These individuals are there with the objectives of creating an artificial tension in the Country. Some people are bent towards creating animosity, despondency, dissatisfaction, curiosity, doubts, suspicions and tension through unnecessary agitations, incitations, irritations and provocations. These are detractors and bitter people whose intentions are to sway away the unsuspecting ones by making them believe that the Government has failed to honor their promises.

These are people who were once at the mantle of leadership but lamentably failed to fulfil the promises they are currently championing. We are surrounded with numerous people who thrive at failures of others. These are individuals who take delight in the misfortunes of others. We have some people with the capacity of creating a storm out of a cup. We need to be weary of such jealous people who are opportunists and fanatics who bank on the failings of others.

Such individuals who are critics and fault finders are busy creating an impression that our Country has degenerated and depleted to lower levels. They are busy coercing and persuading the young ones to start rising against the legitimate Government by making them believe that the Government does not mean well. The New Dawn Administration is on the right trajectory and is poised to achieve amazing economic accomplishments.

May we all tone down in our expectations with the New Government and remain rest assured that good things are yet coming! We need to cultivate patience and a waiting attitude as we eagerly look forward to marvelous things on the horizon!


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  1. A very fair assessment by yourselves. Let the haters without solutions to offer remain vexing.

    Give yourselves a pat on the back occasionally while making sure you don’t get your hands off the plough.

    Let’s make some arrests and recoveries of the monies stollen. This is critical. There is also need to respond timely and emphatically to false articles which have the capacity to destroy the image of the party.

    It is very critical to understand that these criminal elements are not all dull as many suppose but well vested in the various governance issues and have legal loopholes to use once corned.

    It must be noted that they made provisions in advance for some of the pit falls they would find themselves. So don’t be naive to think they will be an easy walk over. On the contrary they a formidable opponent who are not only wicked but criminal at the core of their actions.

    Therefore as you engage with them there is need to be 10 steps ahead of them. So far you are closing the doors they left open hence the noises from new quarters we are beginning to hear from. This is a only a distraction.

    Just keep focussing on the people you have your eyes fixed on as they are the true master minders of the crimes and must be brought down to answer for their alleged crimes at all costs.

    This battle has just began and the war weapons have been drawn. It’s a real fight for survival both sides and losing is not an option we us the citizens.

  2. Kindly send this to PeP and Mr Sean Tembo in particular. Perhaps it would be of interest to them, given that Mr Tembo has rubbished everything the new administration has achieved so far.

    • They’ve seen and read many times…just that their hate and envy they covered in can not spare them from realising the good Bally has focused on!! Choke and painment treating them well well kkkkkkkkk


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