PATRIOTIC Front deputy media director Antonio Mwanza had sued photographer Chella Tukuta in the Lusaka High Court demanding K500,000 as damages for defamation for alleging that he has an affair with FDD leader Edith Nawakwi for his financial and political gain.

Mwanza is seeking an injunction to restrain the defendant whether by himself, his servants, agents or otherwise from further publishing or causing to be published further defamatory statements against him.

In his statement of claim, Mwanza said on August 27, 2020, Tukuta caused to be published defamatory words against him on his Facebook page entitled christened chella Tukuta photography defamatory.

Mwanza said Tukuta posted defamatory words saying “is it true that Edith Nawakwi goes out with Antonio Mwanza? Is it true she is his sugar mommy? Is it true that she sent him to PF to prepare her way to the running mate position? Let her answer these before attacking my Bally.”

Mwanza contended that in their natural and ordinary meaning, the words contained in the said publication meant and were understood to mean that he engages in immoral behaviour with a married woman for financial and political gain.

“The words contained in the publication were false, and published maliciously and were calculated to cause and did in fact cause pecuniary damage to the plaintiff’s character,” Mwanza said.

He said particulars of falsity were that Tukuta alleged that Nawakwi goes out with him (Mwanza), she is his sugar mommy and that Mwanza is Nawakwi’s political stooge in PF.

Mwanza said the statement made and published by Tukuta was libelous and to the detriment of his reputation and character.

He said particulars of malice were that he is engaged in an immoral relationship with a married woman for financial and political gain.

“The plaintiff will also aver that before the publication, the defendant did not at all approach the plaintiff before proceeding to recklessly publishing the statement defamatory of the plaintiff,” Mwanza said. “The plaintiff will also aver that his reputation has been lowered in the estimation of the right thinking members of the global society. As a result of the defendant’s action, he incurred costs and expenses in an effort to mitigate the effects of his reputation in the sum of K500,000.”

Mwanza said he asked Tukuta to retract the said words and render an unreserved apology to him but he has failed, neglected and or refused to do so.

He lamented that as a result of Tukuta’s defamatory words he has suffered damage, hatred, ridicule and embarrassment.

Mwanza is now claiming K500,000 from Tukuta as damages for libel.

He also wants an order directing Tukuta to retract the defamatory words, costs and any other relief the court considers fit.



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