Barotseland Agreement a non-starter – Sensele


Barotseland Agreement a non-starter – Sensele

By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone(The Mast)

THE Barotseland Agreement is a non-starter, let it die a natural death, says NDC vice-president Paul Sensele.

Sensele, who served as Livingstone district commissioner under the Michael Sata administration, said advocates of the Barotseland Agreement should not waste President Hakainde Hichilema’s time to develop the country.

“We have a lot of issues to attend to such as the economy. Let them not waste HH’s time to develop this country. The President should not allow or entertain Barotseland Agreement meetings,” he said. “I don’t know about it, it’s a non-starter. Let die a natural death.”

Sensele wondered what NRCs or passport those supporting the Barotseland Agreement are holding.

He said the advocates for the Barotseland Agreement are attention seekers.

“They should not play chimbuya (traditional cousinship). If they are, I will send Lambas to lecture them,” Sensele said.

He, however, hinted that he did not know much of the Barotseland Agreement and its contents but was quick to state that it should not be entertained.

“There is no Barotseland Agreement and it should be like that… we have 10 provinces including Western Province. My cousin is married to a Lozi, so where do I take those nephews and nieces of mine? If it was written or not we don’t want to hear anything about it,” said Sensele.


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