Lazarus Chakwera

The CCAP Nkhoma Synod says nepotism and corruption continue to thrive under President Lazarus Chakwera whom the synod has also accused of being slow and indecisive.

President Chakwera has also been condemned for his failure to deliver its own campaign promises.

The synod has released a pastoral letter today titled ‘Kukhala Maso’.

In the letter, the synod says corruption is evident in the failure to account and recover the K6.2 billion and to provide an expenditure report for the 41st SADC Heads of States Summit.

On nepotism, the Synod says Chakwera has been offering jobs to cronies and family members while some friends have been rewarded with jobs on the civil service.

“We believe this does not reflect Malawi Wokomera Tonse (A better Malawi for everyone).

“May God grant us Malawi Wokomera Tonse and not Malawi Wokomera Ochepa Okha (A Better Malawi for a few people),” reads the letter in part.

The Nkhoma Synod, which mainly operates in the Central Region of Malawi where the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) usually gets most of its votes, has also faulted Chakwera for delay in removing corrupt ministers and civil servants and his government’s delay in bringing to book corrupt politicians.

The synod argues that this is evidence of “poor governance and failed leadership”.

On Tonse Alliance campaign promises, the church says many of the promises Chakwera and the alliance made ahead of the 2020 Presidential Elections are turning out to be empty promises.

The synod has mentioned reduction of fertilizer to less than K5,000 which was only done in the first year of the Chakwera administration but has since been abandoned.

The Tonse Alliance is yet to reduce passport fees to K14,000 and to promote large scale farming through mechanization.

The Synod has also bashed the Tonse Alliance for its failure to create one million jobs within a year and to subject minsters to performance contracts.

“Time has come when the word of mouth of our government executives should tally with what is happening on the ground,” the synod has said.


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