Chilufya Tayali has been granted K 5000 cash bail in the matter he’s accused of assault

Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

ECONOMIC and Equity Party (EPP) leader Chilufya Tayali has appeared in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court for allegedly assaulting a female police officer by hitting her with a kettle on the face while in custody.

Tayali was in custody for a case concerning Defamation of the President when he allegedly assaulted woman constable Melody Malama.

He has since appeared in court for assault on a police officer and has also been granted bail, pending trial of K5,000 along with two working surities.

When the matter came up before the Lusaka Magistrate Irene Phiri, Tayali’s lawyer , Mwansa Chambaila made an application for his client’s bail pending trial.

“It is our humble Application that the accused be granted bail pending trial as the offence he has been charged with is a bailable offence. Further your honour, if the accused is granted bail, he will attend court proceedings on all given dates and he will not interfere with witnesses in the matter,” he said.

Mr Chambaila added that the accused was ready to abide by conditions the court would impose.

In response, State prosecutors did not object to the application, however, urged the court to attach weight to the conditions to ensure that Tayali attends court.

Magistrate Phiri granted bail in the sum K5, 000 cash in their own recognisance with two sureties of traceable residences .

Meanwhile, Mr Tayali’s lawyer, Mr Chambaila in an interview with journalists said Tayali was initially charged with Defamation of the President when he was in custody and for that particular offence, he was given police bond.

“Unfortunately whilist in custody, there was an incident involving a female police officer and after that incident he was charged with Assault on a police officer contrary to the laws of Zambia. So what happened is that when he was given police bond, he was supposed to remain in custody and so we proceeded to put up a case of habeas corpus, but then he was brought to court and we made an application for bail. And bail has been granted and so at least you can say that justice has been served,” he said.

Mr Chambaila further added that for the initial charge, which was Defamation of the President, the matter has not been brought to court.



  1. For those lacking brain capacity, it seems Tayali was lured into a trap and he was not clever enough to realise he was being setup to commit a crime.

    That is why the initial charge of defamation has silently been ditched.

    I do not understand why Hakainde keeps flexing his muscles on harmless street boys like Tayali when the big fish like Faith Musonda and her boyfriend are still roaming around free. This is tax money Hakainde is abusing on these silly cases going nowhere. Give us the mukula thieves, the gassers, the corrupt ministers, and I will be the first one to sing your praises as a true champion in the fight against corruption.

    • The president is not the arresting officer just in case you are forgetting that fact. The law is there and must be respected until it is repealed. Even the same Faith you wanted arrested, the results will not show immediately and she has to go through the entire process to be proven guilt. Let the agencies do their respective work. Nobody needs praise for doing the work they are paid to do after all!

  2. Perhaps IndigoTyrol does not understand why a little car runs faster than a heavy truck. If you understand the reason why such happens then it will be easier for you to understand why small crimes run faster through courts than bigger cases. The same power of effort applied to a low mass (small court cases) will produce high speed of the mass, but low speed when applied to a heavy mass (bigger court cases). These are laws of physics and you can’t change them. So don’t be surprised when small cases move faster than bigger heavy ones. The govt is applying the same concentration and effort to both

  3. Indigo,why are you mentioning the president in such cases ? HH has no time for such matters because there are people doing and being paid for those jobs. HAKAINDE is busy fixing the economy not Tayali’s self inflicted stupid cases. In his efforts to make some” name” he ends up hurting a police officer ! What type of foolishness is that ? Tayali should learn to abide by the laws if indeed he is aspiring for the country’s top job. Such cases should be left to the kaponyas and street boys not future presidents – hitting a police officer on duty with a kettle ! What a man !

  4. But kwena ama Lawyers and Law Firms will be rich in Zambia kuyafika mu 2026, with all these Avalanches of Cases! How I wish I could turn the Clock, instead of being a Grade 7 Kaponya Failure and a bloody Leech that I am, I should have concentrated in School to become a Lawyer! Bushe Night School ekoichili and Luanshya Correspondence College, honestly, I really yearn to enrol, but the only snag is nakena ka ZIALE could be a Roadblock to my ambition, why is Life so unfair!!!!

  5. PF money is being laundered through laywers’ fees. I thought Tayali’s lawyers were Tutwa Ngulube and Makebi Zulu? Have they subcontracted to this new law firm on the scene? If so they are empowering others in line with current govt policy.


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