Cosmas Musumali
Cosmas Musumali


I have closely followed what Mr. Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC has said about us over the past days – including the Sunday interview on KBN TV. The man is a good actor. He is lying with a straight face. In the TV interview he looked collected and calm. However, he is deep down a troubled and insecure man. The cool posture hides his troubled character and inflated ego.

1. He is lying about why a number of us left the Rainbow Party to help form the Socialist Party. It was NEVER about disagreement over sexual orientation. At no time was there ever such a discussion in the Rainbow Party. Close to 40 people left at that time (October 2016)– the reason was his failed leadership style. We had lost faith in his ability as a leader.

2. As soon we announced the registration of the Socialist Party on the 16th of November 2017, Mr. Kabimba was the first politician to attack us. He told News Diggers in an interview that Cosmas Musumali should explain to Zambians what the new party would do that the Rainbow was not able to do! Further, that it was good I had decided to help form the Socialist Party after failed attempts to hijack the Rainbow party unconstitutionally.

Again Mr. Kabimba was lying. There were NEVER any attempts to hijack the Rainbow Party. He was covering up for his failed leadership and a high sense of insecurity! The issue about being funded by LGBT groups had not yet been manufactured at that time.

3. When the Socialist Party was officially launched in March 2018, Mr. Kabimba’s jealousy and tantrums went overboard. Again with a straight face he now concocted the lie about the Socialist Party being an entity funded by LGBT groups. And that it was the reason why we had split from Rainbow. At that point, Dr Fred M’membe was also brought into the picture. Mr. Kabimba himself is on record having stated that Dr M’membe was not a member of Rainbow. He is also on record having stated that when he talked of the split with the leaders of the Socialist Party, he did not refer to Dr. M’membe.

In other words, the Zambian gutter media was busy feasting on Dr. M’membe versus Wynter “split” – yet there was none! Did Mr. Kabimba take time to correct the picture? Not at all. If anything it suited him well. It was payback time.

In a private meeting at Mr. Kabimba’s home before the 2016 elections, Dr. M’membe had described Mr. Kabimba as being a coward and lazy leader for not being active in the field, amongst the masses. This criticism did not sit well with him. A heated argument arose between the two and I had to intervene to cool down the tempers. Any bond of friendship that existed between the two broke down that evening. From then onwards Mr. Kabimba was very insecure – he could not trust me as his Vice. I was after all a childhood friend to Dr. M’membe. His deflated ego needed an opportunity to redeem itself – even if it meant openly lying in public.

4. We sued Mr Kabimba and others for defamation. The judgement was not in our favour. We vehemently disagreed with the judgement. On second thoughts we decided not to appeal. The case had taken close to 3 years! A lot of time was spent and considerable effort was exerted on it. There was no guarantee that an appeal would be concluded quickly. We therefore decided not to appeal – but instead focus our attention to party building. Today, Mr. Kabimba is opportunistically using this.

As things turned out to be, I became the focus of attention in the court process. Mr. Kabimba went into great detail to fish out evidence that proved I was involved in promoting LGBT ideas:

4.1. Part of his evidence was a t-shirt I was wearing whilst in Brazil. This was a black T-shirt with collars in Zambian colours. I had bought that T-shirt in a shop in Cairo Road (I recently saw similar t-shirts at Manda Hill). In his quest to prove a point, he had not realised that these were Zambian colours!

4.2. The second evidence of my alleged “sins” was a picture of a black board in a lecture theatre in Brazil. On the board were the following words that I had written on the history of humanity: Homo Australopithecus, Homo Heidelbergensis, Homo Sapiens. Again this evidence was presented to show that I support LGBT ideas! Unfortunately for Mr. Kabimba, whoever helped him to extract the evidence cropped the pictures in such a way that the “homo” was vividly and the rest of the words were not clearly visible. He was basically given what he wanted to prove – very embarrassing.

4.3. The third aspect of evidence was that I lecture at an International school for political education. The school is run by MST – a movement for the landless farmers and rural workers. I am specifically a lecturer in an international course on “political education” and I focus primarily on “Class and Race Analysis – from a Marxist perspective”. Altogether, 31 Zambians have attended this course. Only one person, the star witness to Mr Kabimba (who our lawyer described as a sent spy for Mr Kabimba) deliberately accused me of wrong-doing.

In other similar schools in Africa and Asia I teach “Marxist Philosophy”, “Marxist Political Economy” and at times “Agrarian Reforms”. Where does the LGBT association come from? The weird logic is that MST as a movement of 1.2 million peasant farmers has within it a small group that represents the interests of LGBT and any association with MST is therefore deemed as promoting the LGBT interests. Mr. Kabimba himself as a lawyer belongs to an association whose international entity (The International Bar Association (IBA)) supports LGBT. Does that make him by default a promoter of LGBT rights? Is he guilty by association?

We have also seen the Zambian gutter media that have been busy feasting on Dr. M’membe versus Wynter “split” – yet there was none! Did Mr. Kabimba take time to correct the picture? He did not intervene to set the record straight even when the media and public commentors construed his statements as implying that Dr. M’membe was gay. His selectivity when to intervene and when not has to do with an injured ego. He allowed Dr M’membe to be publicly slandered – it actually suited him well. It was payback time.

4.4. The fourth aspect is evidence from a hypothetical question Mr Kabimba posed to me. He asked if I would admit a person known to be gay as a member in the Socialist Party. It was a hypothetically question because gays in Zambia don’t go around advertising themselves. I responded that I would. Just like I would do for a person known to be a commercial sex worker, etc. As Pope Francis once said, “the key is for the church to welcome, not condemnation,. If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” Should Pope Francis be accused of promoting an LGBT agenda in the catholic church? Similarly, the Socialist Party has a manifesto – which is its agenda. This is what unites the membership collective – not the diverse characteristics of each individual. LGBT promotion is not part of our manifesto.

5. The more recent increased visibility of the Socialist Party is not sitting well with Mr. Kabimba. Just like in 2016, we have an increased number of members from his newly formed party joining us. It is their constitutional right to choose a party of their choice. He is again back with his LGBT card and is flashing it against us. All this under the pretext of moral uprightness and for the good of the Zambian masses! Really? That card has expired. He has to bring in new lies.

On a lighter note, Mr Kabimba uses historical Greek metaphors to describe me as an eunuch (a castrated man who is trusted and deemed safe for various duties), but does not mention that the eunuchs became experts at identifying fellow eunuchs! It took an eunuch to identify another eunuch! Many times the eunuchs exaggerated this knowledge – they started imagining that every other man was an eunuch!


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