Bailiffs to pounce on Ronald Chitotela over K6.5 million NKONGOLE

Ronald Chitotela
Ronald Chitotela

Bailiffs to pounce on “RIKI LOSS” Chitotela over K6.5 million NKONGOLE

FOR being a bad debtor, former Minister of Tourism Ronald Chitotela might lose part of his movable assets as AZADI Investment Limited has unleashed bailiffs on him in attempts to recover its K6.5 million debt.

In this case, AZADI Investments limited sued the Pambashe member of parliament demanding payment of K6.5 million, which was the outstanding balance for the construction of his luxurious retirement mansion in Chongwe.

Last year judge Pixie Yangailo had ordered Chitotela to settle the outstanding balance with AZADI for erecting the house, which is under the Control of the Anti-Corruption Commission pending investigations into its acquisition.

However Chitotela has neglected to pay the money forcing the Construction Company to file a writ of Fieri faacias (Fifa) before Court which was served on the sheriff of Zambia to enforce the court judgement by selling Chitotela’s goods and chattels so that it can recover its debt.

“You are hereby commanded that the goods and chattels of Ronald Kaoma Chitotela you cause to be made the sums of K5,960,000, being the balance of the principal amount owed to the plaintiff and also interest at the short term Bank of Zambia lending rate being 9.5%……,” read the order.

“By ruling of the said court bearing the date January 9,2023 ,ordered to be paid by said Chitotela to Azadi Investment Limited together with certain costs in the said judgement (or order)…..which costs have to be taxed and allowed by the taxing master of the said court at the the sum to be taxed as shall appear on the certificate of the said taxing master.”

By Mwaka Ndawa




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