By Dr Nevers Mumba
May 13th 2022

Repentance means more than saying sorry. It is a combination of two aspects: Sorry and Restitution.

To be remorseful and sorry about what you said or did is the first part. The second part is to restore what you had taken away from the person you injured. This is repentance.
Once this is done, you are restored to the place you held before the offense.

If one steals a car and later feels the conviction, and goes back to say sorry and then drives off with the stolen car, that is not repentance.

Prior to the 2021 General Elections, a number of ministers of the gospel gave public “prophecies” as to who the winners will be and others promised to either quit ministry or have part of their anatomy cut off, if a certain politician emerged victorious.

The election is now behind us. The temptation by certain men and women of God is to hope that their public statements will go away with time. This will not happen. It remains a permanent dent which completely compromises not just the spiritual authority of such a minister but by extension reduces the moral authority of the church in the nation.

It is in the interest of the Zambian Church to urge the affected ministers to publicly come out in repentance so that they can be restored and by extension the moral voice of the Church to be restored in the land.

As it stands today, the church is struggling to be the bearer of the moral light of the nation.


  1. And this is the truth!!. Thank you Pastor Mumba. Pls extend this appeal to the many Pastors fellowships that displayed a lot of insincerity to God and also to the leaders in opposition then. This was more steered up with the little moneys that was being thrown to them. That must never ever repeat itself. Nobody should ever try to side with the evil that anyone exerts on anyone.

  2. Hon Sekwila Mumba wants to do the impossibilities, the so called pastors and bishops and reverends are in the fake service for gain, My question to Mr. Mumba is this (1) Which portion of the Bible records that the church of the Bible had reverends? (2) If so which part of the Bible tell of the qualification of a reverend? If there in none then forget about seeing the crude criminals who Edgar Lungu paid to sing melody to the Zambian with uncoordinated echoers. Wasting time God will deal with them. Be careful the way you read the Bible. Qualification of a Church Leaders is not acquisition of theology studies which has lead so many to misunderstand the will of God. Fake Pastors are fake and nothing will change them, their minds is full of corruption.

  3. I remember Danny Puke saying “I will leave Zambia & STOP preaching if HH becomes president”.

    Let Danny Pule leave Zambia, he is a fake pastor. I hear was also in the group of CHRISTIANS FOR LUNGU.

  4. They are still in denial, embarrassed that they were bought by PF with few pieces of silver and don’t know how to go about repenting. They have chosen to hide in thier churches. The honest ones can not face HH and UPND without shame….

  5. Pastor Mumba in the run up to 1991 elections you preached that if MMD won there would be bloodshed in Zambia. That did not happened. Did you repent? Please repent sir, before you ask others to repent.

  6. Hell, no! You are no Jesus Christ, Nevers Sekwila Mumba, to be calling others to repentance. You have your own sins arising from your tour of duty as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Canada. Have you repented so others may learn from you?

  7. Dr. You have it on the sport. Many are pastors who inclined on the name of the former leadership without counsel. Did they not see many mistakes in the PF and if they did, how many of those pastors who openly came out by rebuking the leadership even the so called Christian for Lungu?
    At least we saw the first lady shading tears which we all said she was not happy with her ECL leadership on gassing.
    All of them including the so called Religious Affaires minister never spoke to put the leadership of that day in order.

  8. Well written pastors MUMBA and I hope this sends a very clears message to those that would like to emulate those men and women that support hypocrisy.

    Politics and Christianity are just like light and darkness thus they do not mix.men and women of God have mistaken their church popularity and following for political fame and they are mostly swayed into thinking like this by greedy politicians who admire their followings .

    With a few pieces of silver those that aren’t deep into Christianity are bought and they then start to develop an appetite for more thus they fall.

    These men and women of God not only fall but they also turn there churches into campaign grounds and venues for their preferred candidates or themselves and some have gone to the extremes to even changing their church names to political party names.

    With the coming of TBN pastors all around Africa started trying to not only imitate how pastors like TD Jakes preached instead they also started copying how he dressed and lived.

    To attain all they sold their standing in society (a few pieces of silver)

    One thing that our men and women of God forget is that these churches consist of different people with divergent views
    and political preferences thus as time passes the church starts to fall and as such they completely loose out.

    It’s my view that I agree with pastor MUMBA that these men and women of God repent because these has brought more harm than good to this beloved country.

    Pastors like you ba MUMBA, Dan pule and Sunday sinyangwe have to repent and concentrate on God’s calling that’s if it’s really Gods calling.

    Sir or pastor which ever you prefer? You aren’t a politician and to be honest I don’t really know if any of your family members or close friends have taken their time to tell you this.

    Sir you were only used by His excellency the late president MWANAWASA so as to win an election.mwanawasa became very unpopular in his last days of his first term hence his campaign term looked around for someone that could help him gain popularity and at that time ZAMBIANS were still in the high spirits of CHILUBA’s ZAMBIA is a Christian nation scam.

    MWANAWASA was really in desperate at wanting to win that election hence he admired your church looking at the fact that you were on tv every Sunday,you were popular and you had a huge following.

    This didn’t work in his favour though but it actually benefited you mostly because he still failed those elections even if he pulled through.

    A few years into your vice presidency sir you way fired for incompetence ( you know what you did where you went)

    Sir the Lord we serve is a jealous God and as such he doesn’t like putting anything before him.you can’t be a politician and at the same time serve him.its either you are in the darkness or you are in the light.there is no two way about it.

    If you are a listening man of God you will surely listen.i for one I feel you force yourself in politics and you have managed to stay irrelevant to yourself.


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