The Electoral Commission of Zambia has noted with serious concern the electoral violence ahead of the 21st October 2021 election, particularly in Kaumbwe Constituency, Petauke District.

The Commission has observed that the campaign atmosphere has been peaceful since the commencement of the campaigns throughout the seven districts where elections are being held. It is, therefore, regrettable and worrying to start recording violence with just few days before poll day.

The Commission has also noted that in the three instances where the Socialist Party, Democratic Party and Patriotic Front supporters have been attacked and campaign schedules disrupted in Kaumbwe Constituency, the perpetrators have mainly been suspected United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres.

The Commission would like to remind the UPND and all political parties participating in the elections that the Electoral Code of Conduct applies to this period of campaigns and must be adhered to without exception.

Additionally, the Commission is aware that all the cases of violence have been reported to the Zambia Police Service and therefore calls on the Police to expeditiously arrest and present for prosecution all those that will be found in breach of the law.

The Commission is calling upon the police to perform their duties in an impartial and professional manner.

The Commission is closely monitoring the conduct of political parties/candidates and their supporters, and would like to categorically state that it will not hesitate to invoke the Electoral Process Act and take appropriate action in the remaining days should these violent acts continue.

The Commission further reminds all political players that violence undermines the credibility of an election and calls on the leadership to prevail over their supporters.

The Commission has been consistent that it will not allow the country to degenerate into lawlessness during any election period and further calls on the electorates and political party supporters to desist from engaging in violence.

The Commission would like to encourage all political players to be tolerant and promote co-existence as these are some of the key ingredients of a maturing democracy and the conduct of peaceful elections.

Patricia Luhanga
Corporate Affairs Manager
For/The Chief Electoral Officer


  1. ECZ what is wrong with you. It’s not enough to say UPND is causing the problem. Who are involved, give us the names and evidence. We hope it’s not people reporting to you and you take this as gospel truth.

    We are also having these reports where PF members are fighting amongst themselves.

    Any way, if it is true that UPND members are ones doing this violence then it’s a stupid thing to do given the fact that they are on the winning side. We await information from the Police. With the current scenario where any one can wear a T shirt of a opposition party it’s is easy to frame another party and yet the same party claiming being attacked is the one doing the work. We need actual evidence of the real person apprehended doing this. If thing less than this is speculation.

  2. This Luhana, how can you say that, it’s upnd who is causing these problems. Your organization, will be the next one to be axed, including that old man boss of yours.

  3. It proves how Upnd came to power, by making sure people’s parents were murdered in cold blood, leaving them orphans! That’s bloody power! Just ban Upnd from participating in the elections! They are a very violent party which came to power by killing innocent people. And children are now orpharned. God won’t spare you for those crimes!

  4. Upnd is smelling defeat so they have become violent. Upnd is only popular in their tribally inclined strongholds, who cheated them they can win in provinces which are PF strongholds? The Easterners made a big mistake and they will not repeat that , they have learnt a lesson and want to vote like the Southerners do!

  5. It is better to split the country into two and go back to boundaries of 1911 so that this violence is done away for good. Is Eastern Province now home of PF? Let us wait and see.


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