Mutotwe Kafwaya


We know that most people are worried about what they perceive as a leadership crisis in Pf. The truth is, there is no such a crisis.

Former Republican President Edgar LUNGU is also the elected president of Pf. He still has the mandate from the patriotic front members. As such, thinking that there is a leadership crisis is a misplaced idea.

After losing the power to govern the nation to UPND, president LUNGU decided to appoint Hon Given Lubinda as the Acting President of the PF. This was so as to ensure that ECL stayed clear of active politics.

As things stand, many people including myself are jostling to replace president LUNGU as Pf president. In the process, some people think we are in a crisis, which is certainly a fallacy.

My opinion.

It is President LUNGU’s responsibility to manage the transition and not Hon Given Lubinda. This is because, while president LUNGU appointed Hon Given Lubinda, we as Pf elected him. Therefore, he has the substantive mandate to manage things until either (1) Pf elects another substantive president or (2) his mandate comes to an end in 2025.

Emmanuel Mwamba, Mutotwe Kafwaya, Chishimba Kambwili, Brian Mundubile, Christopher Kang’ombe, Bowman Lusambo and all other presidential hopefuls and their respective supporters should continue encouraging the general membership that we do not have a leadership crisis.

We have both a substantive president and an acting president.

We wish our party well.

Hon Mutotwe KAFWAYA, MP


  1. I thought this man had integrity, decency and honesty. “We have a substantive president, an acting president”??? What does this mean in real life?? The substantive president is on holiday, in hospital etc?? Really. Please young man, start being genuine, logical and truthful.

  2. Hahaha . Therein lies the problem in and with the pf.

    Given Lubinda, wake, either you are out as just one of the aspiring candidates or leave all together.vthis ka man is confirming here that you have no mandate, no one elected you.
    Edgar Lungu is still pf president. He is the one they will listen to and not anyone else.

    Pf you still maintaining Edgar Lungu is president. He has not resigned till you elect another leader.

    What a life!
    You guys ain’t going anywhere. Zambians wake up, pf still thinks Edgar will be around in 2026 to steer the party pf to victory.

    Mototwe kafwaya is really a retrogressive phone candidate put to destabilize their party till 2026 when Edgar will be back to take control. Mutotwe is laying the plan bare there . Thae the choice is yours. Stick in there and wait for Edgar to come back or no one takes over as pf president.

    Cliques have a perculiar way of managing themselves in chaoes.

  3. There’s no truth in what PF senior member Mutotwe Kafwaya us saying because they’re contradicting themselves because the grassroots don’t want Edgar Chagwa Lungu to continue being their party president because they’re saying he insisted on contesting the republican Presidency for the third term despite the constitution not allowing to do so and he was the one who contributed to the heavy defeat his party suffered to the then opposition UPND led by Mr HH. That aside attending one of the church services he bluntly said then that he had retired from active politics though some of his members were forcing him to continue and that he had appointed Given Lubinda as acting president as had already written to the Acting Secretary-Cabinet Office and again the same Edgar Chagwa Lungu after his wife was summoned for interrogations by the DEC he said that they were after him and when called upon he’ll abide and that they can get their immunity because they are thought he was hiding behind it because they want to destroy his political career and that he was game for 2026. But today we are hearing from Mutotwe Kafwaya that Edgar Chagwa Lungu is still the president of the PF. From the look of things there is no one to lead the party and they just don’t want to come in the open because they’re all losers and we have never heard someone from either the ruling Party or opposition political parties defecting to join the PF


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