EFF donated R100k to save Zahara’s home from being auctioned off


South African opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), reportedly paid R100 000 to save the late Zahara’s house from being auctioned off by her bank when the singer was in financial dire straits.

Zahara, an Afro-soul icon, passed away last week after spending weeks in hospital suffering from a liver ailment.

Zahara went public with her financial problems last year, after it became clear that she was about to lose her Roodepoort home after Nedbank got a court order that gave them permission to auction off the property.

Zahara’s house was set to be sold by the bank on May 7 last year after she defaulted on her monthly instalments of R17,665.

According to bank records, seen by Sunday World, the EFF settled the singer’s arrears on February 4. After the debt was settled, an emotional Zahara revealed her gratitude to Mzansi, although she did not reveal the identity of her benefactors.

“This tore me apart at first, which is why I spoke about it. I felt like I could have knocked on so many doors but they were closed. But I knew that there would be someone out there who could listen and understand. All the R50 notes, R100, and R1 000 I got helped me,” she said.

Zahara added that her family was skeptical when she went public to ask for donations as they did not think anyone would listen or assist.

“My family thought people would not care and thought I would be laughed at. But I told them rather that than to open my legs for money,” she said.


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