Edgar Lungu does not enjoy any immunity for his current political activities, except for the period he served as President of Zambia, says  Jack Mwiimbu



Highlights from a joint media engagement held by the Acting Minister of Information and Media Hon. Garry Nkombo MP and the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Hon. Jack Mwiimbu MP.


✅ Government would like to remind the former president Edgar Lungu that the privilege he is currently enjoying is as a result of his tenure while he was in office and does not extend to actions after his Presidency.

✅ The former president Edgar Lungu should not be misled by members of the public and other opposition party leaders about his immunity.

✅ Any activities outside the law after his term of office are subject to the law.

✅According to the Public Order Act, there are clear procedures that must be followed before holding a meeting or a procession. These procedures are designed to protect the former president and the members of the general public.


✅ Government has sincerely apologised to the Catholic Church and Bishop Mulenga over the incident that happened in Kabwe.

✅ Government recognises that Mr. Edgar Lungu is free to go wherever he pleases. However, it must be noted that he is a distinct leader and he cannot fall in the same category as other political leaders.

✅ It is the responsibility of the Police to ensure that wherever he goes he is provided with security so that harm does not fall on him.

✅ It is not Government’s intention to harass the Church or anybody interacting with it.

✅ Government cherishes the good relationship it shares with the Church noting that it’s not an opponent.

✅ Government has urged law enforcement agencies to exercise maximum restraint concerning the Church.


✅ Government takes allegations raised by the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) seriously.

✅ Government is committed the rights and freedoms of citizens and any actions conducted by the Police are within the framework of the law to ensure public safety and order.

✅ However, if there are any transgressions by the Police or any security agency, reports can be lodged with the Public Complaints Authority for redress.

✅ Allegations that the Zambia National Service (ZNS) confiscated mealie meal from a trader are under review and further details will be given thereafter.

✅ There is no justifiable reason for citizens to call for an early election as elections will be held according to the constitution of the country.

✅ The UPND Government has a mandate given to them by the people of Zambia to run the affairs of the country until August, 2026.

✅ The Inspector General of Police will look at all issues raised and appropriate action will be taken.


✅ Government would like to urge the United Kwacha Alliance to pray for themselves as they hold the prayer session.

✅ Meanwhile, the Acting Minister of Information and Media has re-emphasised that Government is committed to upholding the rule of law.


  1. Leave ECL alone!
    Why are UPND politicians so dull?
    Don’t you know you are “cleaning up ECL” by this political persecution you have started?
    Shortly after UPND took over, many people said the only way PF will come back to power is through the “Stupidity” of UPND and it’s increasingly becoming a very likely possibility!
    The comeback of PF Militias courtesy of ECL will be UPND’S fault!
    This time, they will hunt you down like wild animals!
    Instead of concentrating on solving the crippling loadshedding and the ever escalating cost of living, you are busy getting distracted by peripheral issues!
    Come 2026, you are out!
    Pathetic Failures!

  2. In any country, former heads of state and former Vice Presidents are highly respected people with dignity. Go Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, USA mention them. These people have a special status in society and they should maintain that status. In Zambia Lungu is the only surviving former head of state and some of the things he does do not befit the former head of state. No wonder the President is now appointing the Vice Presidents as his special envoys because the former president still has political ambitions and can’t be trusted by the friend. This statement from the Hon Minister is important and timely, Lungu is not covered by any immunity now and can easily be arrested if he went beyond the limits of the law. Moreover we know that Lungu does not even need the presidency again, he is just being forced by some individuals who know that there no one in PF or UKA who can effectively challenge HH. All those people surrounding him are one man party presidents who can’t compete with HH. But that’s something they will never tell you. Those in PF like Lubinda, Sakwiba were in UPND, they left out of frustration after HH defeated them in the first post Mazoka conversion. So they know who HH is and I don’t think they can be happy and willing to face him again in the second round, a general election for that matter.

  3. It seems Upnd and Hichilema have got another constitution of Zambia they are using! Surely a briefing addressed by two Tongas, that’s where you can see that the whole government is very tribal. In previous governments it never used to happen like that! All this is because the current government has more Tongas than any other tribe, and that’s what is irritating most Zambians even more, because Tonga is not even a big tribe in this country. What you Upnd and Hichilema are doing will come and re bound on them. And you should not cry foul! You should not come and cry tribalism, because you are already behaving very tribal yourselves. Power should not excite Upnd and Hichilema too much. The same police you are using to harass and frustrate innocent citizens will come harass you as well! It’s just a few months from now. Just wait.

  4. Manganga, this is the most tribal government Zambian have elected to run their affairs. ECZ in its current form is too backward and corrupt. If closer look at they will plunge the country into chaos and destruction as they are planning in plain sight a massive rigging at the largest scale for their small god HH. As things stand , the voting patterns in Southern province over the two decades, will be emulated in Luapula,Northern, Muchinga, Eastern, CB, Lusaka urban, central urban. No matter what ECZ will do will have less impact HH – Hanaka Haleya 2026

  5. This is the correct position.

    Lungu’s immunity applies only to the period he was in office. It doesn’t mean he can go around committing crimes today and government will wink at these crimes because he has immunity. If he dares government, lock up the idiot. Days of lawlessness are over.

    • Even for the period he was serving as President of the Republic of Zambia, it’s only activities he carried out in his official capacity. Any criminal activity is excluded from official capacity. If he committed crimes while serving as President, immunity does not cover that.

  6. Some people don’t think properly or thy speak just for the sake…lungu is a state property and should be guarded properly and jealously…nomba ba lungu bena…i really wonder how he manages passes ziale exams …what if he was gun down or even stabbed by just walking carelessly or recklessly …who are you gonna put a blame on..ba lungu umungulu walikula.. anyway the lest is for you

    • Maybe PF should be reminded that when the First Republican President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, passed on (MHSRIP), the same PF government did not honour his wish to be buried beside his late wife, Mrs. Betty Kaunda, on the basis that he was state property and the family was overruled.

      Mr. Lungu is no exception. Much as we would like him to roam freely, he is state property by virtue of being a former president. So he cannot have his cake and eat it too. He is in a Catch 22 situation. In a sense he is a State prisoner. He cannot even decide where he wants to be buried, even if he states so in his will, just like his government did to Super Ken.

  7. Gunner, that’s the most absurd thing you have said, unbelievable! The whole concept of immunity is that is applies to criminal acts committed by the President!! But kwena!
    The constitution allows for impeachment of a president, if, for example, he commits murder. After impeachment, president can lose immunity by two thirds majority and then be prosecuted for that crime.
    Again, your statement is as nonsense as it it funny.

    • Donald Trump found exactly what I have said in court. When a serving President is stealing money or committing some other crime, he’s not acting in his official capacity. There’s the written word of the law and law that is made by superior court decisions. In other words, there’s law as passed by Parliament but there is also law as made by decisions of courts. Judges look at not only the written word, but also what the appropriate law ought to be given the written word as applied to facts of a matter. Judicial decisions can lead to changes to the written law. In Zambia the Christine Mulundika case in the Supreme Court led to changes to the Public Order Act. Immunity does not exist to cover criminal acts.

  8. Ati they should pray for themselves, and not the country?? And that’s coming from the malabishi government! What can you expect from malabishi? Even prayers should be in their pockets.. restricted ! No one else should pray for our Country…
    Any way let me go watch football, too much malabishi in the country.

  9. You are absolutely wrong sir. And don’t compare the US to Zambia. In Zambia, immunity is exactly covering every criminal Act.
    The three Presidents whose immunity was removed in Zambia was because of criminal acts and nothing to do with committing offences in the line of duty. KK was accused of theft, similarly with Chiluba and Rupiah.
    Even the constitution states that they are immune for all criminal acts (Article 98 of the constitution).
    Again, the allegations against the former president are that he stole money and distributed to his family and hence some sections of society crying for the removal of immunity. Immunity in Zambia covers everything, which is why ECL cannot be taken to task without its subsequent removal.

  10. UPND people are gifted for running other things other than government of laws. Institutions of governance have all been tainted. It’s a matter of garbage in, garbage out.Serious contenders in 2026, will be excluded from the ballot, courtesy of the ECZ.


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