By Aaron Mubanga Jnr

First and foremost people keep bringing my name up for some reason, I fail to understand how I come in, Like the way Dream Hampton kept bringing up Dave Chappelle when he said no to feature in her R. Kelly documentary.

I can not go into details because I have the unfortunate burden of caring about the kid first and until this issue is resolved I can’t say certain things.

But here is a few facts that are not being represented correctly.

👉Eva was groomed by Luyando Foundation Girls from the age of 6 until May 2021 when she went on loan to ZISD (NB: Katongo scored and assisted on her debut to guide ZISD to their first-ever win beating Police Doves 3-2 at Independence Stadium )

👉 The Mamelodi Sundowns trials are not the first trials Eva has had she received a similar offer from Europe last year ( Let the people who are being economical with the truth and talking about the kid every day tell you what happened to that offer. )

👉 I feel I should not have to say this, it should be common knowledge, A club, a Journalist, a blogger, a manager, or an agent does not decide where a player should go it’s the player to make that decision.

👉 Despite what they may want to make you believe, I took that kid to her first National team camp at Prince Charles.

I was on my way from Kitwe where we went for ABSA Cup games, Barbra Banda called me to tell me that the coach wanted to asses the kid, and she should be in camp immediately.

Made calls to her and the club ( Luyando Foundation Girls ) but no one was available to take her.

The mother called me two hours later asking me to take her to the camp as she was not comfortable going alone.

I went to find her Kuma Kanyama/Chibolya around 18 with Ba Benjamin Banda who drove us to Prince Charles and went to see her two days later the coach told me she was the real deal, a thing I had known since the first day I saw her play in that game against Nkwazi Queens at Kanyama School ground.

She has never missed a camp since that day.

👉 Her last competitive match was on 11th September with the Copper Queens.

👉 The last part I will add is that ask yourselves, why is it that people who are claiming to care so much about this little kid have not even one day asked if she is okay? What kind of mental state is she in? What is going on with her? Weird right ( Victoria Wezi Mhone was the first person, who called me to ask if she is okay and not to assign blame to anyone but just ask about the kid’s wellbeing.

In conclusion, I will tell you that there is a lot of misinformation being calculated to fit a certain narrative and sadly I have to keep quiet for the sake of the kid.

I just felt I should put a few things straight so that you have a bit more information as you debate.

Have a good day.


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