Facebook logs Lusaka woman out of marriage


Facebook logs Lusaka woman out of marriage

THE Lusaka Boma Local Court has logged a woman of Mutendere Compound out of marriage after she pressed the share button making herself available to another man she met on Facebook.

According to 30-year old Carol Mulanshi’s husband Vilent Kaunda aged 40, rather than just enjoying the hilarious memes and comments on Mark Zuckerberg’s socal media platform, his wife decided to shift the fan offline by linking up with a man she met online.

After 12 years of marriage with three children, the couple’s marriage showed cracks in 2019 as Carol seemed prepared to go extra miles to start giving her skirt password to her Facebook sweetheart, thereby logging into each other.

“I just noticed that she would go for work even on her off days and reach home late even though she would knock off early,” Kaunda told the court.

He explained that in a bid to get answers, he went to Carol’s work place and queried why his wife worked late hours and was on duty even on her off days.

To his shock, Carol’s boss told Kaunda that his wife had been working normally without any special arrangements.

Further, Kaunda revealed that he caught his wife with her Facebook lover and she admitted that he was interested in her but they never had sex.

Meanwhile, Carol denied ever cheating on her husband saying the reason of the differences in their marriage was because Kaunda demanded sex even when she was on her menstruation.

“We went on separation because he attempted to stab me when we had an argument. He also posted me on Facebook that I am a prostitute and so we could not resolve our issues,” Carol told the court.

After three years of being on separation, Carol then sued for divorce.

Upon hearing both parties, Senior Local Court Justice Prudence Bwalya disolved the marriage noting that the union ended a long time ago as they only came to officially end it.

Justice Bwalya ordered Kaunda to maintain his children with K1000 every month and this does not include school fees and medical requirements.

By Mwiche Nalwimba



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