President Edgar Lungu has expressed concern over reckless misinformation on social media platforms being spread by ‘demagogues’ saying it is being done with the intetion to turn people against him and his administration.

He urged PF members to rise up to the challenge in defence of truth and what is is good for the sake of peace, stability and inclusive economic recovery and growth.

Speaking when he opened the Patriotic Front provincial conference in Mongu yesterday, the President expressed concern over the infux of fake news being spread to sway the minds of innocent citizens, saying this is meant to incite them to rise against the government.

” It is therefore important, that as citizens we verify information before it is taken as gospel truth. Social media has brought many good things including cheap and faster information but its abuse is equally destructive, ” added the President.

Lungu said Zambia is bigger than any individual.

“Zambia is bigger than anyone of us. Zambia is our common heritage, therefore let us unite and apply ourselves fully to achieve shared national prosperity without leaving anyone behind,” President Lungu said.

Meanwhile, Information Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga has reiterated the need for the media to disseminate information that is accurate and unbiased.

Malupenga says the media fraternity is key to national development and that people across the country depend on the media to keep them informed about various national issues.

He said the media therefore is expected to present stories right to the highest professional standards.

The Permanent Secretary was speaking in Lusaka yesterday when he officiated at the media mentorship class organized by Uplift Media under the theme “Addressing Misinformation Hands-on”.

Malupenga noted that misinformation is one of the serious challenges that media professionals must help to cure by distinguishing themselves from those masquerading to be part of the profession.

He said the theme is timely as the whole world grapples with the challenge of fake news as a result of advancements in technology which has given rise to various social media platforms.

“I am glad that this mentorship programme is meant to teach young professionals how to collect, report, edit and disseminate objective balanced information,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary said the media career is a good profession as it impact, influence and power it has on the lives and general wellbeing of the people.

“This means that those who choose to pursue this profession must ensure that they acquire the requisite training and have a fair understanding of issues that impact the lives of people who depend on them to make informed decisions,” advised Malupenga.


  1. He starts a fire and pretends like a kid that he is not behind the nonsense!
    How are you going to test the tolerance of Zambians and still get away with Lawlessness? Your evil schemes will catch up and overtake you soon. Let the opposition mobilize freely. You have already denied too many eligible Zambians from voting next year, breaking the law with impunity! Stop it now before it’s too late! Touch HH again and see what happens!
    Sanva ananva Nkwangwa ili mu mutu!

  2. Fake News really? We had the post, I closed it. Why? Beans to start with you are Fake. You faked humbleness. You are a Fake Lawyer! Ask LAZ and the ConCourt and the Former Ministers who benefited on your misdirection. You have failed everyone in Zambia.

  3. Is it fake news that you want to be called President General? Is it fake news that you laugh when we complain about our suffering? Is it fake news that you illegally kept the ministers in office? Is fake news that you did not hand over power to the Speaker when there was a petition? Is it fake news that you have held office twice? Is it fake news that you are once again misleading yourself and your blind supporters that you are eligible for 2021? Is it fake news that your Lusaka Province Ward Chairboy speaks with one youth’s dead parents everyday? Is it fake news that as a ‘humble christian’ you look for Pilato [e] in the old testament when you attend church?

  4. Awe bane, is self confession of lack of vision fake?; is the misterious rise in net worth from k2 to k 20 million fake?? Is the misleading of ministers to stay in office fake?, is the failure to provide credible leadership in economic management fake? Evidence shows that the economy has deteriorated , the launch of a useless recovery programme!! Is the violence meted on the citizens by pf cadres fake? Just ask you Incompetent IG!! Are the overpriced projects fake? Is it not you Mr. President who said you have no shame in borrowing? Are the $42 million fire trucks fake? No you even fired your minister for calling the wheelbarrows!!… what will stop people from complaining? And when people say things are Mr. President you laugh and chuckle!!! So who do you expect people to run to if things are bad? Is it not their elected humble leader? Its good to be honest and accept failure, remember its more dignity if to accept failure and let others drive, every time it’s excuses!! They’re is nothing to defend the failures, the incompetence and crookedness is too glaring to be swept under the carpet!!!!


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