George Santos opted not to run for re-election following release of embarrassing ethics report


George Santos said he won’t run for re-election in 2024 because a committee found he did something wrong.

The group discovered that the congressman stole money from his campaign and used his run for a seat in the House to make money for himself.

Mr Santos said on social media that the report was a “political attack”.

However, he said he will not run for another term because of the investigation.

“My family should not have to deal with constant pressure from the press all the time,” he wrote in a lengthy post, which also criticized the report for being unfair.

The Republican in New York might not stay in office until next November.

Two other people in the government are trying to kick him out of his job.

The ethics committee looked into Mr. Santos and found that he pretended to take out loans for his political groups to make people give more money to his campaign. The committee is made up of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.

He used campaign money to pay himself back for loans that were not real.

“He used his powerful friends and other political campaigns to get more money for himself by doing dishonest or suspicious business deals,” the committee said in a report. “He kept up with all of this by telling a lot of lies to the people who voted for him, gave him money, and worked for him about where he came from and what he has done. ”

He’s said to have paid for things like Botox and a vacation, even though they didn’t really have anything to do with his campaign.

The ethics committee decided not to take action against the congressman because it might give him more chances to avoid punishment and could interfere with the criminal case against him.

It also said that his behavior deserves public disapproval, is not appropriate for the job, and has damaged the reputation of the House.

They sent Representative Santos to the Department of Justice to consider charging him with more crimes.

Mr Santos has been accused of doing bad things like lying, stealing money, and using someone else’s identity and credit cards.

After the report came out, the head of the ethics committee, Mississippi Republican Michael Guest, said he would propose a plan to kick Mr Santos out of Congress, according to Fox News.

Another politician, California Democrat Robert Garcia, also said online that he will propose a plan to remove someone from their position.

Earlier this month, Santos didn’t get kicked out of the House because most of the members didn’t want that to happen.

Only five people in the history of the US government have been kicked out, and three of them were expelled during the civil war.

‘Awful at telling the truth’

Mr Santos became a member of the House one year ago after winning an election.

He said he’s not a good liar, but he described himself during the campaign as someone who represents the American dream. He’s openly gay, his parents are from Brazil, and he worked on Wall Street before going into politics.

However, his story started to fall apart even before he took the oath of office.

Mr Santos said he went to Baruch College in New York City and then worked on Wall Street as a financial expert at big companies like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. He said his mom almost died in the 9/11 attacks, that he owns a lot of real estate, and that he is a proud Jewish American.

He said he didn’t finish college at Baruch or any other university, and he didn’t work for Goldman Sachs or Citigroup. He didn’t have any property in New York. He is a follower of the Catholic faith, not of the Jewish faith, and it’s possible that his mother was not in the United States on September 11, 2001.


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