GOVT ALLOWS 1,665 LEGAL FISHERMEN INTO ITEZHI TEZHI PROTECTED WATERS….the fishing and park regulations need to be adhered to



….the fishing and park regulations need to be adhered to

Lusaka, Saturday, March 17, 2023

Government has said a maximum of 1,665 legal fishermen be allowed fishing permits to fish on the Kafue National Park side of Lake Itezhi Tezhi.

Speaking during a stakeholder meeting to respond to grievances of fishing restrictions in the Kafue National Park, attended by Itezhi Tezhi Member of Parliament Twambo Mutinta, Council Chairperson Oliver Sitengu, District Commissioner Tobias Namatemba and Fisheries Officer Patrick Mwiya, Tourism Permanent Secretary Evans Muhanga expressed happiness that the parties agreed on how fishing would be done sustainably, through enforcement of the law, benefiting both communities and tourism development initiatives.

He said the fishing and park regulations need to be adhered to in the quest to manage the resource and that things are looking brighter with the involvement of the Member of Parliament and council leadership.

Mr. Muhanga emphasized the need for continued stakeholder engagements to ensure that all interested parties including traditional leadership are brought to the table when decisions are made on the available resources to have a mutual position.

And Hon. Mutinta said there is need to carry out adequate sensitization of the communities around the lake for them to appreciate the conservation initiatives that have been introduced in the area.

He said that this is important considering that so far very few people understand the benefits of the conservation agenda and most of them may not be in a position to understand and appreciate why certain decisions are made.

Meanwhile African Parks, Kafue National Park Manager Craig Reid expressed concern that illegal fishing activities are being practiced across the lake, disrupting conservation efforts and tourism which are vital for the development of the local economy, which is desperately needed. Regulation and management is required to ensure sustained benefits for communities without degrading the basic resources.

The meeting concluded amongst the key rules and regulations that must be followed that;
Fishing must be done by those with legal permits from the Department of Fisheries.

No fishing within 500 meters of tourism camps and not in defined breeding areas.

No fishing camps allowed near tourism enterprise establishments and must only be on designated areas on the mainland and specific areas allowed in the national park.

All vessels must registered and tagged.
Only permitted fishermen in the Park waters and must be identifiable.

All fishermen must follow the prescribed rules and guidelines in line with sustainable fishing regulations.

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