Govt Targets End Of 2024 To Achieve 100% Network Connectivity – Mutati




Technology and Science Minister Hon Felix Mutati has said government targets to achieve 100 percent network connectivity across the country by the end of 2024, working closely with the telecommunications company.

Mr Mutati said from the recent auction of spectrum where more than US$41 million was realized by ZICTA, government is reinvesting the resources in rural areas and other places where it is difficult for the average telecommunications company to reach with the aim of expanding connectivity.

Mr Mutati said using the universal access fund, government is working towards expanding mobile network connectivity by way of erecting more towers particularly in the rural areas.

And Mr Mutati said government’s digital transformation agenda that has been embarked on is being done in a deliberate and methodical manner by way of upgrading technology systematically so that inconveniences experienced by customers are minimized.

He said this is evidenced from the recent launch of 5G network, which liberates connectivity as it is the most sought after technology and Zambia is among the only 10 African countries to have it.

The minister said 5G comes with enormous benefits across all sectors and it is for this reason Zambia is no longer a spectator in technological advancements because government is creating an appropriate environment for investments.

Meanwhile, Mr Mutati has called on innovators to make full use of 5G network which provides a necessary platform for the development of applications and also addresses frustrations that were inherent by innovators as a result ofy slow internet speed.

The minister was speaking after a familiarization tour of MTN service store in Lusaka, following the launch of 5G routers last week.

Speaking in an interview after the tour, MTN Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bart Hofker said the telecommunication firm will by end of this year complete installation of 45 network towers and plans to install another 100 next year in order to expand coverage.

Mr Hofker also said the just launched 5G network gives enormous possibilities for App developers to be part of the champions league of App development, particularly the gaming industry and e-sports which is a multi billion dollars business globally.


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