PARTY of National Unity and Progress (PNUP) Highvie Hamududu has congratulated Hakainde Hichilema, on his emphatic presidential victory.

Hamududu says his party trusts that President-elect Hichilema will not lose sight of the aspirations of the Zambians as clearly expressed in the just-ended election.

In a statement to Kalemba, Hamududu said: “this is an immense responsibility that has been bestowed upon the President-elect and we would like to wish him well on the huge task ahead of him.”

He said the PNUP is ready to cooperate with the new government.

“That being said, as the only other political party with representation in Parliament, aside the current big two, we promise to play our role in holding the new government accountable, and provide the necessary checks and balances with objectivity,” Hamududu, an economist, said.

He added that Zambia needed a fresh start.



  1. That is finally good coming from Hamududu, I only wish he had stayed and soldiered on in the UPND because he definitely believes in the ideals of the party he left because he was not adopted in Bweengwa back in 2016 if I’m not mistaken. But what differenciates Hamudud from other defectors is he never went behind saying bad things about his former party but simply started his own journey and which has produced an MP in this just ended election. Having known this man, I know he will offer credible contribution to the next govt.


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